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The Art of Being You Reflections


Our False Perception of Self-Worth

When did you first realize your self-worth was uncomfortable to witness?

What negative thoughts do yo have about your place in life, about your body, about your relationship to money?

Do you or have you struggled with digestion issues?

The Solar Plexus Chakra, the area of the body between the bottom of the rib cage to the top of the belly button is the area of our energetic connection of self worth. This energy center is literally the core of your body - the core of our self worth and confidence. It is also the most damned, the most hated, the most afflicted area of the body today. Has anyone in your familial line been afflicted by the same digestive issues you have now? Our sense of worthiness or our perception of the lack thereof can and usually is passed down through generations.

When we experience discomfort in this area of the body - it is an amazing message that what we are observing in our reality (seeing, hearing, tasting, touching or smelling) does not resonate with our true nature. And it is being afflicted because we are literally allowing the external world to diminish our inner knowing. Why do we do this? We were taught that we must earn our worth in our culture, society, and our families.

One way to better understand this mind/body/spirit connection is to check in with yourself daily - sometimes, moment to moment. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Where am I relying on a situation/person/event in my external reality to determine how I feel about myself? Name the person, situation or event and the feelings around them?

  • With the previous answers in mind, ask yourself, am I capable of providing those same feelings for myself, and if not, why? Write down all the ways you "think" you are or are not capable of providing your own unconditional love.

  • Who in my life showed me what self worth was? How did they do this?

  • What are my thoughts about self love and self worth?

If these questions were difficult for you to answer, you have begin the journey of decoding your own path of worthiness. It will always be an inside job to cultivate, claim and own your self worth. Nothing outside of you will give it to you. And what the outside world will do for you - is bring to you people, places and situations that will cause you to develop and reclaim your sense of worthiness.

Because you were born worthy. It is your birthright from the Divine. Step into that, fully and allow yourself to connect with your inner knowing - because you do not need to earn love or worthiness. YOU ARE WORTHINESS. Right here, right now.

Let me know in the comments how this lands for you.

Much Love,


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