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Turn Blah into Chutzpah!

FREE 5-day Transformational Workshop
Starts Monday, May 27, 2024, 11am-12pm EST

Your host, with Chutzpah!

Hi, I'm Donnia

(duh-knee-ah) I am not your typical "coach". While I provide TLC, Spiritual and Holistic Principles for Guidance - I will also not sugar coat the importance of this role. There is a new world upon us and I am here to ready the ones who are awake and willing to step forward.

Bringing 20+ years in the alternative healing arts and a lifetime of leadership roles and coaching experience, my wish is to be your coach. My vision is to bring you into your purpose with CHUTZPAH! for mind, body and spiritual balance - for greater joy and abundance!


I am so excited to be your Coach and take you on this journey for the next 5 days!

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Feelin’ blah about life?

Blah is a super stinky place to be. Chutzpah (sounds like ‘foot spa’) is having the audacity to be/do/have what you deserve and the extreme confidence to go get it. It’s about being bold, energized, lighthearted and having a zest for life.


Give me 5 days!

Turn Blah into Chutzpah!
Tap into your highest potential to curate,
design and build your life - right here, right now.
Don't wait another day. You are ready now!

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The Art of Being You

From Blah to Chutzpah! 

Let me guess, you've been...

  • “trying to figure it out" for far too long

  • wishing to live a holistic life of balance in body, mind and spirit

  • Feeling like you're losing your ever lovin' mind

  • So stressed your dog feels it

  • Living in groundhogs day...


“A good coach can change a game.
A great coach can change a life.”


– John Wooden

What it's about

  • Awareness of thoughts, patterns, upper limit behaviors

  • Shifting Your Perceptions

  • Clarity on Life Goals & Vision

  • Choosing Love over Fear

  • Boldly stepping out of your bullsh*t

What Clients Say

"I really appreciate your vulnerability and your energy to encourage us in this positive change. "

Workshop Testimonials

Spending time in the workshop was amazing. I learned so much about how to choose to be my authentic self. Also the power that I have to decide to be happy and stop listening to my conditioned self.  Becoming aware of my spiritual gifts and relying in God will provide my journey to discover peace and purpose. I really appreciate your vulnerability and your energy to encourage us in this positive change. Thank you so much. 

-ANDREA, Pennsylvania

I'm so glad I decided to join the workshop! It was my first time joining anything like it. You were so raw and direct, really makes you think about life and why things happen the way they do. You really dig deep into your mind to think where you were, and where you want to be. Thanks so much for this experience!!


-DEBBIE, New York

I can honestly say Donnia has taught me how to finally love myself. She helped set me free from a life of former people pleasing and chasing not attracting my true hearts desires. Cannot recommend highly enough! I look forward to continuing to work with her and her miracle program. I believe the world would be a much better place if Donnia's materials were taught to children early on. We are never too young or old to start living our best authentic lives. Thanks Donnia, for believing in me, until I was strong and brave enough to do it for myself.


-MICHELLE, Missouri

Why it matters

  • Life is too effin' short

  • You deserve a rich, delicious life

  • You deserve a life with less bullshit

  • You are important

  • You are valued

  • You are needed on this planet

What's holding you back?

Your soul is that part of you that is closest to God, Source. Your soul speaks to your mind through feelings and intuition. Listen to your feelings and intuition. Honor them over any conflicting thoughts and emotions. Be careful though because some thoughts and emotions can camouflage themselves as feelings. But be still and you can distinguish between them.


The desires that you suppress become depressions. And that leads to even worse. It can sometimes lead to unhealthy ways to fulfill those suppressed desires. Express your desires and you create life and joy.


-David Cameron Gikandi, A Happy Pocket Full of Money

What you'll get

  • Tools to shift & pivot your blah into your Chutzpah!

  • Daily "homework" to practice what you learn and VIP Masterclass invitations

  • 5 exclusive days of practices, exercises, inspiration, music & guided visualization 

  • Time with an awesome coach for free!

Register now!

When you register, you get access to 5 days of incredible transformational training AND if you cannot make it live - join the free Facebook Group to receive your workbook and have access to the replays! If you attend LIVE all 5 days there are special bonus sessions in store as well!


It's CHUTZPAH! time

Attend from your own home via zoom. Zoom Link sent to email provided. Be sure to check your spam folder. Let us know if you have not received your link to the 5-day!

To stay connected and get engaged with my Weekly Sunday trainings, Join my Exclusive Facebook Group:

The Art of Being You

See you on the inside!

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