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The Art of Being You Reflections


Random Tuesday Afternoons

I am living my life - who needs retirement?

I live my authenticity, for my best life. This disturbs people.

I am going on vacation - every day of my life.

I am in-joying all the moments, all the things.

Why would I postpone joy?

Why would I postpone living until it was all "done"?

Retirement is a made up goal for humans to attain, to achieve.

And what happens when they retire?

Studies show that over 50% of people who retire develop mental health and memory issues.

So why are we buying into this old paradigm that makes us sick?

What is your dream? The one dream that got away while you were working your career, raising your family and muddling through life? What tugs at your heartstrings more than anything else?

When we are feeling overwhelmed, like life is out to get us, it's the perfect time to step back and get away. Time to get out of your head and into your body. Time to connect with what lights up your soul. Time to step onto mother earth and ask your spiritual connection for guidance. There is no better time than right now. And this moment is all you have. During times of great turbulence, depression, grief, worry or anxiety - this is the time foe self-care. DOUBLE self-care. Turn off your gadgets. Turn off the lights. Turn off the mind. And go inward and ask your body what you need right now. Allow yourself to not know, to be uncertain. What does your body need right now?

When we are in fear we are living in the past. When we are in worry, we are living in the future. Try changing what happened yesterday. Try changing what might happen tomorrow. It cannot be done. Because those timelines do not exist. The only time that exists is right here, right now, in this very moment. How will you choose to live this moment?

I am living for the random Tuesday road trip to sandy beaches.

I am living for the joy I find in holding a lady bug.

I am living to hear the water crash into the shore.

I am living my life to its fullest.

Because I don't know what will happen tomorrow.

And what I do know, is that when I make space for my self-care I thrive.

I thrive in creativity.

I thrive in happiness and joy.

I thrive in how I serve my clients and community.

I simply thrive.

And that, my friends is what the good life is all about.

All my love,

Donnia Anastasia

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