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Divine Feminine Rising

What the heck is Divine Feminine Rising? Well, I'm about to explain. Grab a seat.

As beings of energy, we all have feminine and masculine energies pulsing through us all day, every day. These are the energies that attune us to our needs, desires and motivates us through inspired action - when we are in alignment. When we are out of alignment, they have the tendencies to keep us stuck in old patterns, beliefs and conditioning. In the old version of this world these energies have been oppressed and suppressed so much that people today are lost and have no idea who they are or what they want. They have forgotten. We have forgotten that we are multidimensional beings here on planet earth having experiences and our purpose is to remember our true nature so that we can be a part of the creation of a new world that is literally knocking on our doors.

The Divine Feminine refers to the feminine aspect of the divine power (god, universe, spirit) that connects and binds to earth. It is an energy that exists in us all. Over our entire existence on planet earth that energy, has been stifled, seen as dangerous, too much, too wild, not in control, oppressed, and pushed down within because it is simply so powerful. And because we are now coming into a deep, immediate need for the remembering of this power. This is what allows us to thrive as humans. It allows us freedom to exist as who we truly are - unique individuals - in a collective consciousness. It is the balance for which we seek in our everyday lives. COmplete homeostasis.

This life giving energy of creation, comprises of compassion, empathy, care and support. It is flowing, love, surrendering, trust and flexible. It is creative, playful, expressive, joyful, fun, light, sensual and affectionate. Divine Feminine energy trusts intuition over mind and also is in partnership with mind, for our highest and best good. Divine Feminine energy is firmly grounded with boundaries and gracious strength - asking for what is needed from a place of self-love and self-worth. Lastly, it is the deep knowing - which we all have access to and most deny and ignore. All our gifts are already within us and I am here to be=ring them forward with you.

These are the energies that will transform our world. When we look out and "see" what is going on in the world today - it's easy to see we are struggling. The planet is struggling. We are struggling because the very energy that was created to expand and bring peace and joy has been dormant with the human species for millennia.

And, it is waking up. It is waking up loud, yet soft. It is waking up assertive and compassionate.

The human body is an equal mixture of feminine and masculine energy. And, for balance, these are the elements of the divine masculine energy: encouraging, protects and guides, inspired action, clear communication, responsible, expanded vision, aligned work, spiritual purpose, honest and humble, uplifting in strength, expresses emotions and is disciplined and driven.

The left side of the body relates to the feminine energy, while the right is associated with the masculine. Notice in your own body - which side is often more affected by pain or discomfort. If it is the left - we are not honoring the feminine by either doing too much, over extending or not taking care of and honoring ourselves properly. When pain is on the left side, we are in a constant state of doing, pushing, forcing. Food for thought.

We are at a crossroads in our evolution. We are all being called to awaken these aspects of ourselves that have been either been suppressed and forgotten or that has ingrained a sense of fear within us to abandon exploration, adventure, love, joy and enthusiasm.

I, along with thousands of others, have come to this planet to heal these aspects of the human race for the sake of all humans, of our one divine consciousness. This is the work I do with my clients. And they are doing this work with their families so one day, not too far off, we will have peace on earth.

We cannot do this alone. If you are in an early stage of awakening, please reach out to me and see if we are a good fit to work together.

So much love for you,


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