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N a m a s t é

OH, Beautiful soul, I am so honored you have found me. My name is Donnia Anastasia. My earthly labels include A Seed Planter, a MindBody Connector, Energy Healer, Teacher ot Self Realization + Consciousness, Ayurvedic Bodywork Specialist & Wellness Counselor and Licensed Massage Therapist. Solefully trained in Ayurveda, Massage, Reiki, Herbalism, Cranio-Sacral, Visceral Manipulation, Myofascial Release, Lymphatic Drainage, Yoga, Meditation and so many other healing modalities.


My soul led business adventure continues to expand in grace, abundance and Joy. With 20+ years of personal and professional experience  - I come to you from a place of authenticity, truth, curiosity and love to offer insight into the absolute truth that you are connected to the most infinite power source of all. To remind you that you are more capable of bold, brilliant things than all your conditioning and generational baggage has led you to believe.


It starts with your decision to create a better life.  SAT NAM


This, I believe.

I believe we all have

the capacity to heal,

if given the right environment. That we can all align to the adventure that is our life with joy and ease. That we can learn to soothe the ego long enough to hear source speak to and through us. Our perfect health state of homeostasis is challenged by so much of our conditioning, thought patterns and beliefs, its creating unprecedented damage to our nervous and immune systems. And we have the answer inside us. We've had it all along.

I am passionate about

understanding the

human condition -

that unpacking, unearthing our old patterns, beliefs and conditioning in a sacred space is vital - to reveal and connect to our true divine nature.

I am passionate about Ayurveda

and the Healing Arts. I have over 20yrs experience with Traditional Healing Arts including Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Massage Therapy and Energy/Chakra Healing in my personal and professional life. I believe the healing arts are the greatest gifts of conscious medicine we have been given by the divine, to maintain a long and healthy life.

I am passionate

about care giving –

in a healthy capacity. I have turned my co-dependency of care giving into my passion by setting and holding boundaries for myself and my clients. This is a mandatory gift we give ourselves daily.

I believe my life experiences

make my medicine,

my healing style, unique & sought after. Childhood trauma, wounded inner child work, addiction, recovery, hospice care for dying parent, divorce are but a few of the big challenges thrown into my life path. And I use these gifts as markers along my journey as grand stages of healing and rebirth - breaking down conditioning for growth and development.

I believe in the sun and the moon

and the stars and nature.

That everything is created by Source. That Source is patient, kind, compassionate, abundant, magnificent, evolving, healing, generous, inspired and so are you. You have found me for a reason. Let that reason be the unique footprint on your healing journey to remembering your truth and living from joy and ease everyday.

I believe in Alignment to our highest and best purpose, our Dharma.

Source that makes all things possible is present all around us every second of every day. In our bodies, our environment, in every living thing on planet earth. This Creator, or Source, Universe, Nature, God - created us whole and already perfect. AND to be joy-filled and in a state of ease and balance - not constant worry and suffering. Along the way, we have forgotten this, thus forgotten our purpose. Alignment reminds me of why I am here - to be love. Plain and simple.

From the tender and innocent age of 6, I was given the daunting role of caregiver in my family. A role I did not ask for but one that I took seriously and fought hard to perfect. This created the perfectionist, the martyr and the competitor. Eventually it would create the saboteur, the award winning worrier and the sarcastic socially awkward adult. It also stole my childhood.

Raised with strict religious dogma that I never quite understood or agreed with fostered the belief that something was wrong with me, that I was obviously not like the others. But I strived to be just like the others, better even. I vowed to search for what did make sense to me, the whole point of it all.

This turned me into a star student, student council president, captain of the cheerleading team and a popular, rebellious, angry teenager. Which, in turn, created an alcoholic by the time I was 21 (the legal drinking age).

In art school I received a hard won BFA in Graphic Design and upon graduation trekked 3,000 miles to a city I had never been to - Seattle - to start my life. Traveling to other states to live for short periods of time, I was still searching for what my purpose was. In Santa Fe, I found Ayurveda and Yoga in 1998 and have been in love ever since. I've been repeating my sankalpa, 'SAT NAM' for over 20 years. Took me long enough.

Working in the career I went to university for in a city that offered so much anonymity, I was in heaven. Or so I thought at the time. To be clear, I also had no idea of any of the above programming and conditioning - they have been unearthed in the last few decades. My personality was also in an addicted lifestyle - I was a work-a-holic, perfectionist. My alcohol use was daily - which at the time, i thought was "normal".

Most of my relationships were abusive in some form or other. I allowed them to be because I didn't know any better, blamed my external circumstances (and people) and I didn't recognize it for abuse/trauma. Some physical, some verbal, all mental + self esteem destroying - all were great teachers on my journey. My own (unknown at the time) codependency created self sabotage, low self esteem, self betrayal, a control freak, feelings of unworthiness and never being good enough. My addictions kept in a loop of escaping the painful reality that I must be unloved - and unlovable. It wasn't until later that I came to understand these were ways my subconscious was able to keep me "safe from harm". I believed all the stories I had told myself about myself, my life, my identity. Turns out, they were all lies. All of them created to keep me safe. But it kept me in survival and created a dysregulated nervous system - into which the cortisol drip have yet to stop permeating my body.

By age 36 my life revolved around alcohol. Until it didn't. Until I was witness to a tragic death of a complete stranger. I haven't had a drop in 14 years.

I learned the healing Art of Massage Therapy and 16 years later it still is the best thing I have ever done for myself. But it left me still searching. I studied Ayurveda with like minded students from around the world - finally - something that made perfect sense to me! I thought I had found the holy grail in my search.

Sobriety makes your life change. People, places, events that once filled my time became toxic to be around. And so, I moved back home, joyfully, ready to start the next chapter. Maybe what I was searching for was home all along.

In my early 40s, I got married for the first time. We started a business together, renovated an old church, built an off-grid home, got a dog, and then got divorced after 9 1/2 years. 

When my mother was diagnosed with a gioblastoma in her brain and given 8 weeks to live, I quit everything and stayed with her - unconsciously playing the ultimate care giver role once again. This time, it was my choice. It was a beautiful, severely painful, humbling and deeply spiritual experience that brought everything back to the surface that alcohol had buried so many years ago. One simple conversation with her changed my life forever and it is the foundation on which I believe with my entire being that we create our health or our dis-ease. Either my ignorance, prajanapardha (crimes against the intellect) or by simple avoidance and not listening.

In the profound, transformational healing work surrounding the end of my marriage, I finally found what I had been looking for. My search, my purpose has finally been found. It's been with me the whole time and I never knew it. 

Why am I telling you all this?


Because the programs and services I offer, include so many parts of my life experience, my own healing, my own revelations, sprinkled throughout - every breath, every action, every mantra, every asana, every humbling self reflective moment - have become the medicine in which I now offer to the world. My life is here to help serve you in your grand adventure, in your own healing, growth and transformation. 

My purpose on planet Earth is to guide you, to illustrate and teach you that when you raise your consciousness, when you become aware - everything shifts and absolutely incredible things happen. You get to live the life the Creator intended.

I hope that some of what I have shared resonates. My intention is to inspire you, to bring awareness to your purpose, and to let you know that you are not alone. If any of what I have said here motivates you to reach out, fantastic! If anything sparks a little, "oh yeah, I get that", and you feel I could support you, let's connect.

M Y   S T O R Y 


Professional Work
Founder and owner of
DONNIA + CO. 1998- present
Sacred Spaces Holistic Center, 2012-2022

Anastasia's Apothecary
University of Pittsburg at Bradford
Glendorn Lodge
University of Washington

Seattle Center



Holistic Health Care Practitioner 2008-2023
including certification in the following:
Ayurvedic Health Counselor
Ayurvedic Bodywork Specialist
Licensed Massage Therapist
Reiki Practitioner
Cranio Sacral
Visceral Manipulation
Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist
Myofascial Release + Structural Integration
Table Thai Yoga Massage
Orthopedic and Pain Management Massage
The New Biology of Nutrition and Digestion
SMRT Therapist
AMTA Professional Member
CPR Certification
PA State Child Abuse Reporting + Prevention Course
Yoga Retreat at University of Pittsburg at Bradford

BFA in Graphic Design

Speaking Engagements
University of Pittsburg - Creating Health and Wellness for Women in Bradford
Federal Bureau of Prisions - Women’s Retreat
Zonta Club of Bradford
Kiwanas of Bradford
Bradford Chamber of Commerce
Ayurveda, Yoga + Meditation Education + Workshops @ Sacred Spaces Holistic Center


Affirmation of Experience
Having the will and desire to embark on the journey of growth and healing is only the foundation to one’s success. To garner that success and longevity, one must curate an environment of supportive tools and talented individuals to assist and guide them along the way. Connecting with healers who have both intuition and scholared talent can pose quite the challenge.

I have been fortunate enough to be in the gentle and brilliant care of Donnia for the past two months. When our paths met, I was at one of the lowest points in my life. Struggling with the complications of living with Lymes disease for 16 years, chronic professional burn-out and the emotional toll of unhealed trauma that became bitterly in focus after our isolation of a pandemic. I surrendered myself to the guiding spirit and divine space that Donnia has crafted.

While I have met with her weekly for healing sessions that centered around massage and body work, my favorite and most dynamic experience thus far was an Ayurvedic based session which included Garshana, Udvartnana and Svedhana. These therapies together create an atmosphere of release, detox and cleansing. While I have had similar treatments in Palm Springs, Costa Rica and Istanbul, none truly compare to the experience that I shared with Donnia in Bradford, Pennsylvania.

Vulnerability of body and spirit on the client’s part is key to truly benefiting from the treatment. Donnia took expert care in her attentiveness to my wellbeing and sense of peace. I grasped the level of her preparation and thoughtfulness to detail, it was palpable in the room. From the hand crafted herbal scrubs chosen for my disposition, chilled rose quartz on my heart chakra, to the cooling rose water applied to my head neck and face while in the herbal steam. My body was at peace, allowing the healing to take place. I never felt alone during what was a very emotional release. I cannot forget the delicious chamomile tea and post therapy snacks provided which were definitely called for.
Leaving with a sense of mental peace and physical relaxation, the delightful benefits arose in the days following. My skin glowed, my eyes clear and bright and my internal digestive system happy and flowing. Not to mention my mental acuteness and clarity.

As I have chosen a life in the healing arts myself, I am beyond grateful to have found Donnia as a partner in my wellness. One that I have searched and manifested for throughout the years. I am grateful and full of anticipation to experience where our sessions lead.
In Gratitude
-Jessica M


“What a blessing you have been to me - your friendship + mentorship has helped me achieve mental, physical + spiritual attunement I never could have hoped for on my own. With the tools you have given me I hope to soar to even higher levels of wellness.”   
- Jan B.


“Several years ago my wife gave me a certificate for massage. I was very apprehensive as it did not seem like something a man would  enjoy. What I found was a very relaxing experience that calmed and reinvigorated my body. I soon found out that Donnia was more then a massage therapist. Her extensive knowledge of herbs, essential oils, and a holistic approach hHas greatly improved my health. I cannot imagine Donnia not being involved in in my life as she has become that intricate.”
-Andy D

“...a vast toolbox of techniques based on my needs.
Donnia is compassionate, comforting, careful
and educated”
- Donna M Hollenbeck


“Donnia has cared for myself and my family for around 10 years now. We have been clients of hers for everything from massages, to private and group classes including yoga, henna, mindful creating, and more.

She has helped me over the years on my own journey towards physical and mental wellness. I have found a balance with her guidance that I am forever thankful for. She has also helped, supported and celebrated our children. Her kindness, compassion and expertise are seen (and felt) in her work and I’m thankful our paths crossed many years ago. She’s an asset to the wellness community and our little town.”
- Amanda K

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