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Wild Flowers

Holistic Life Coach + Wellness Practitioner

End-of-Life Doula

Ayurvedic Health Counselor + Bodywork Specialist

Licensed Massage Therapist

Inner Landscape Transformational Course Educator

Motivational + Empowerment Speaker

Sacred + Spiritual Ceremony Facilitator

Holistic Graphic Designer


Founder and owner of
DONNIA + CO. 1998- present
Sacred Spaces Holistic Center, 2012-2022
University of Pittsburg at Bradford
Glendorn Lodge

Holistic Health Care Practitioner
Ayurvedic Health Counselor
Ayurvedic Bodywork Specialist
Licensed Massage Therapist
End-of-Life Doula

Reiki Practitioner
Visceral Manipulation
Ayurveda, Yoga + Meditation Education + Workshops

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist
Myofascial Release + Structural Integration
Table Thai Yoga Massage
Orthopedic and Pain Management Massage
The New Biology of Nutrition and Digestion
SMRT Therapist
AMTA Professional Member
CPR Certification
PA State Child Abuse Reporting + Prevention Course
Yoga Retreat at University of Pittsburg at Bradford

BFA in Graphic Design

Speaking Engagements
University of Pittsburg - Creating Health and Wellness for Women in Bradford
Federal Bureau of Prisions - Women’s Retreat
Zonta Club of Bradford
Kiwanas of Bradford
Bradford Chamber of Commerce


I am so honored  we have connected. My name is Donnia Anastasia and I am here to serve. My gifts are unconditional love, joy and peaceI hold sacred space for human's wellness by elevating our capacity to thrive, feeling unconditional self love, embracing freedom + expansion through Radical Self-Love.

My soul-led business adventure continues to expand in grace, abundance and Joy. With 20+ years of personal and professional experience -

I am here to provide care, comfort and compassion through this life journey.


I come to you from a place of authenticity, truth, curiosity and love to offer insight into the absolute truth that you are connected to the most infinite power source of all. To remind you that you are more capable of bold, brilliant things than all your conditioning and generational baggage has led you to believe.

My life has been full of gifts disguised as addiction, divorce, care for and death of a parent, perfectionism, poor self esteem, shame and low self worth. You get the idea.


All the gifts (struggles and challenges) that have come to me have shaped who I am and how I practice Holistic Medicine and serve my community.

I look froward to working with you in whatever capacity you feel most called to experience.

You deserve more.

You deserve a cooperative and collaborative healthcare system that supports and advocates for your optimal well-being.

My books are open for new clients looking to enhance their well-being and break free from the confines of how they “need to be fixed”. In person or virtual.


Connect with me today with an email, phone call or DM - and let’s put you on that path of abundant wellness so you can get back to the life you love.


Affirmation of Experience


Having the will and desire to embark on the journey of growth and healing is only the foundation to one’s success. To garner that success and longevity, one must curate an environment of supportive tools and talented individuals to assist and guide them along the way. Connecting with healers who have both intuition and scholared talent can pose quite the challenge.

I have been fortunate enough to be in the gentle and brilliant care of Donnia for the past two months. When our paths met, I was at one of the lowest points in my life. Struggling with the complications of living with Lymes disease for 16 years, chronic professional burn-out and the emotional toll of unhealed trauma that became bitterly in focus after our isolation of a pandemic. I surrendered myself to the guiding spirit and divine space that Donnia has crafted.


While I have met with her weekly for healing sessions that centered around massage and body work, my favorite and most dynamic experience thus far was an Ayurvedic based session which included Garshana, Udvartnana and Svedhana. These therapies together create an atmosphere of release, detox and cleansing. While I have had similar treatments in Palm Springs, Costa Rica and Istanbul, none truly compare to the experience that I shared with Donnia in Bradford, Pennsylvania.


Vulnerability of body and spirit on the client’s part is key to truly benefiting from the treatment. Donnia took expert care in her attentiveness to my wellbeing and sense of peace. I grasped the level of her preparation and thoughtfulness to detail, it was palpable in the room. From the hand crafted herbal scrubs chosen for my disposition, chilled rose quartz on my heart chakra, to the cooling rose water applied to my head neck and face while in the herbal steam. My body was at peace, allowing the healing to take place. I never felt alone during what was a very emotional release. I cannot forget the delicious chamomile tea and post therapy snacks provided which were definitely called for.

Leaving with a sense of mental peace and physical relaxation, the delightful benefits arose in the days following. My skin glowed, my eyes clear and bright and my internal digestive system happy and flowing. Not to mention my mental acuteness and clarity.


As I have chosen a life in the healing arts myself, I am beyond grateful to have found Donnia as a partner in my wellness. One that I have searched and manifested for throughout the years. I am grateful and full of anticipation to experience where our sessions lead.

In Gratitude

-Jessica Bailey-Mostek

I have been a faithful massage client for years and there's good reason, Donnia has magical hands. I suffer with chronic pain and she tunes me right up at each session. Not only does she melt tension and ease sore muscles, she heals more than just our physical body. An incredible holistic wellness practitioner, you truly are in "good hands" when you visit Donnia Anastasia. Her space is clean and inviting. And her apothecary products are so pure and effective. She is an amazing spirit and empowers others to live their best lives. I am forever grateful to have met this strong and grounded woman. Thank you, Donnia!

-Danyal B.

...every session has been amazing!  She always takes the time to ask how you're feeling and what areas of the body need special attention before each massage.  She demonstrates and offers suggestion on ways to work on the trouble spots at home.  Donnia personalizes each and every visit in order to get to know her customers, so she can give them the best possible experience every time.  I would highly recommend her services for anyone.

-Lisa McCool

Donnia has cared for myself and my family for around 10 years now. We have been clients of hers for everything from massages, to private and group classes including yoga, henna, mindful creating, and more.

She has helped me over the years on my own journey towards physical and mental wellness. I have found a balance with her guidance that I am forever thankful for. She has also helped, supported and celebrated our children. Her kindness, compassion and expertise are seen (and felt) in her work and I’m thankful our paths crossed many years ago. She’s an asset to the wellness community and our little town.

- Amanda K.

I have had many massages all over this country and Donnia is absolutely the best. Her space is always pristine and welcoming as she easily transcends you into the ultimate state of relaxation and peace.


My experience with Donnia Anastasia’s healing work is more than I can explain. Her ability to treat the
musculoskeletal system is rivaled by her ability to treat SO MUCH MORE. She has served me in so many
ways – physical, emotional and spiritual. From Ayurvedic treatments for my serious eye issues to guided
imagery for my emotional issues, to hands-on body work for my “earth suit” issues ( which are all
connected ). Her healing tool box seems endless. She is always learning. Donnia truly embodies Sacred
Spaces as a Healing Advocate, committed to walking the healing journey - not for you, but with you.

-Jaqueline Dunkle

In the time I have known Donnia, she has helped me learn how to relax, breathe, giggle, cry, vent, celebrate, and appreciate who I am today -- these are only a few, there are many more pieces of me that she has unknowingly unlocked -- I am forever grateful for her knowledge. 

In just 60 minutes, Donnia takes me to a beautiful place, where I am calm, relaxed and rejuvenated. She eases away all of my stress, anxiety and frustration and helps to uplift my soul.

-Pat Cercone

...a vast toolbox of techniques

based on my needs.

Donnia is compassionate,

comforting, careful

and educated

- Donna M Hollenbeck

Several years ago my wife gave me a certificate for massage. I was very apprehensive as it did not seem like something a man would  enjoy. What I found was a very relaxing experience that calmed and reinvigorated my body. I soon found out that Donnia was more then a massage therapist. Her extensive knowledge of herbs, essential oils, and a holistic approach hHas greatly improved my health. I cannot imagine Donnia not being involved in in my life as she has become that intricate.

-Andy Dombeck.

Donnia has helped me IMMENSELY with getting my extremely tight back back to being relaxed. Two medical massage treatments in, I feel great again. I plan to continue treating my body to this ahhhhmazing place. ♡

-Beverly S

The first time I ever heard the word “Shirodhara” I was living in Bradford, Pennsylvania – a long way
from India. I couldn’t even pronounce the word let alone fathom the impact it would have on my well-
being. Donnia Anastasia introduced me to this incredible service, thank God, and it has been my favorite
treatment ever since. I’ve had the treatment done by others and it was certainly not as impactful. I
credit Donnia’s ability to energetically hold a sacred space as the reason her Shirodhara offering is more
than just a treatment. It’s more like a rite-of-passage, a ceremony. She gently streamed warm oil
selected specifically for my personality onto my forehead. The chatter in my head shushed. My body
rested fully while still awake. That quietness lasted days after my service. I left the oil in my hair for
those following days and just pulled it up in a bun. It was as if I had been introduce to my higher self –
and I really liked her. I wanted her to stick around. I experience a profound connectedness of my entire
being. I’m sure everyone will have a different experience of Shirodhara but when you are ready to
experience what it has to offer you, Donnia Anastasia is the practitioner that you want to serve you.


Such a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere to let go and journey inward. I always leave better than when I came in.


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