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Community Rocks!

When we share our soul gifts, we automatically draw people to us that resonate - people like you! Below you will find links to

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The Art of Being You

The Art of Being You Podcast
an Exploration of the Human Experience


Fun with Soul Friends' Podcasts

Click Image above to be taken to Apple Podcasts to Listen

Click Image above to be taken to Apple Podcasts to Listen

Paula Schuster

Thank you for shining your light to bring people to life again. Thank you for that. You are so inspirational. xo

-Martha P.

Community Engagement, Education + Training

This is the space for all my online group gatherings, mostly all held via zoom. Below are a few of the topics I share my experience, my training and my medicine.

If you would like to have me come speak to your group or staff, send me a message and let's talk about it!

The Art of Being You - Inner Landscape Overview

Holistic Model of Living

Ayurveda Lifestyle Components

End of Life Doula

Health + Wellbeing Tips

Lymphatic System Care

Daily Routines for Optimal Health

Mental Well-being: How our thoughts affect us

Being where your feet are - Present Moment Awareness

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TheArt of Being You - for live weekly trainings and insightful posts about spirituality, holistic health and support

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