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The Art of Being You Reflections


5 Signs that will tell you when it’s time to shift, pivot or change direction in your life

In order to understand, truly heal from major life challenges and live with ease, joy and peace every day - one must walk down their own path of self-discovery. To help you remember your own Soul’s Love Story® - to remember the true artistry of Your Inner Landscape® - I offer personal self discovery programs that get you where you want to go.

This is the journey of radical self-love. You are the secret. You are the medicine you seek. It’s always been you. It’s going to take more courage than comfort and more bravery than you have very known. You must put yourself into that arena - and prepare to get your ass kicked and get back in there. Your current life situation is the measuring stick to how happy, fulfilled and aligned you are to your soul's purpose. I help you to get out of your own way. 

Change is the only constant in this universe. Let’s embrace it proactively and navigate it gracefully to allow peace and happiness back into your life.

You’ve been “trying” for awhile and nothing’s happening

Most of our lives we live on autopilot - unconsciously moving through our days - doing all the things we are "supposed" to do. We push, we grind, we hustle to get where we think we need to be - for relationships, our health, our careers - but we forget about us and our needs. The words we choose are so very powerful. Trying is not an action verb. Stop using it to move you forward - as it only keeps us in our thoughts. You want to make a real change? Practice instead. Practice how you want to be and then allow that to be your dominant inspired action. In order for things to change - you must be willing to practice something else.

Everything seems to be falling apart

And your reality could very well look like this. Everything seems to be falling apart. NO matter what area of your life this is true for - could you provide yourself with extra self compassion and gentleness? Could you find new ways of seeing your situation that would empower you, not disempower you? AND could you accept where you are int his very moment of all the broken, shattered pieces and still find the joy and the gifts? What seems to be happening "to you" may actually be happening "for you" - to shift your energy, to cleanse your energy, to release the energy that is no longer serving you. Life happens for us, not to us. Once this nugget gets built into the subconscious - all life's events - can be understood as gifts and all happening right on cue.

You simply don’t feel good about it

When I say our life is meant to feel good, I mean it. All of it. Especially the falling apart-ness of it all. when our lives don't feel good - either at all, or in chunks - it is the indication we are not moving in the direction of the Divine. Your emotions are the measuring stick of where you are and how close to your purpose, or dharma, you are living. It's not a reason to leave everything and start over most times. Most times, it's a nudge from the divine, that softly and lovingly says, "I see you struggling. Maybe we could see it from another perspective. Have you thought of..." And so, when you are feeling those not-so-good feelings, lean into them. Ask them what they are needing you to know. Tap into your own divine wonder and ask, "What is this teaching me now?" And then, be still and listen for the answer. Often it comes disguised as the exact thing we need, not the thing we "think" we need.

Your body is reacting

Well, hello, magic messenger! Our physical bodies are amazing and magnificent in all ways. How it feels will tell you how you are receiving the messages form the divine. Are you feeling tight and constricted in areas of your body? Ask yourself, "What am I resisting?" Are you feeling a knot in your belly about a situation or person? Ask yourself, "What do I need to know to move through this?" Are you feeling random pains that show up unannounced? Check yourself - your motives, your intentions, your direction. If feeling good is not your dominant feeling - you are being led by your ego - your fractured, false self, the unconscious. Being stuck in Surivial mode will bring all the less than desirable feelings to the surface to be addressed. Any pain or discomfort in the body is simply a messenger of where you must become aware that you are not on your life path.

You’re ignoring your authentic voice

When you hear that soft, gentle whisper, do you listen to it?

When you hear the loud, abrasive voice, do you listen to it ?

Your authentic voice, your inner being, your intuition, the voice of the divine essence within always feels light, free and good. Never question those messages. The messages and inspirations that leave you feeling light and safe and free are true. They are from your higher knowing. When we act upon that voice that sounds fearful, anxious, overwhelmed or angry - it is coming from our conditioning and old beliefs of the false self and are always lies about what is happening in the moment. Easy way to decipher which voice to listen and act upon. The actual act of acting on that light, easy and gentle voice will be uncomfortable because you have bought into the belief of goodness coming due to hard work or figuring it out. Lean into the discomfort and practice something different. Especially if it feels uncomfortable - know you are on the edge of a breakthrough - the edge of leveling up to the absolute best life you could possibly imagine living.

Then, keep going.

Much Love, Donnia


To support your personal growth by connecting you and your limitless potential to breakthrough and blossom into your true nature and transform mindset, emotions, physical body, energy and spiritual connection for optimal health and well-being in all stages and cycles of expansion.

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