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Cultivating your Inner Landscape

Cultivating your Inner Landscape

A Free 5-day - Virtual Workshop
for Cultivating Joy, Peace and Ease while Growing Yourself

Starts Monday, February xx, 2024, 12pm-1pm EST

The Art of Being You Life Coaching Presents
A FREE 5-day Transformational Workshop Live Streaming on Facebook

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Colorful Flowers

Workshop Schedule

Day 1: Shifting our Mindset

Day 2: Cultivating Awareness

Day 3: Authenticity

Day 4: Foundation for Success

Day 5: Blooming Every Day

What you'll get when you sign up

This Workshop is perfect for you if:
desire to have more joy, more peace and more ease every single day
living authentically is top priority for you
you feel disconnected from your own life
struggle with people pleasing + overwhelm

"You've helped me remember to breathe,
slow down, and
reconnect with myself."
- Anita
Hi! I'm Donnia.
I am your Retreat Leader,
Holistic Life Coach and offer my
30 years of experience to uplift,
empower and teach how living a more playful, joyful, holistic life  reduces stress and illness AND increases the joy you already have in front of you.
Self Love is the key.

Join me in a weekend getaway

to live as your unique true self.


To holistically support and hold sacred space your personal growth by cultivating your limitless potential, to courageously breakthrough + confidently blossom back into your true nature and transform for optimal well-being in all cycles of expansion. I help you learn to trust your own inner guidance system.

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