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Coaching with Heart & Chutzpah!

It’s all art. It’s all creation. The way you laugh. Your smile. Your wardrobe & the way you decorate your home. The way you dance. Your energy. Your collection of books and music and the way you write. Your grocery lists. The food you eat. Your friendships. It’s all art. Your whole life is art.

Why having a coach to support you, is so essential...

Why it matters

  • You have a soul purpose to fulfill

  • You deserve to live a life you love

  • You came to this planet to be amazing

  • You deserve a life with less bullshit

  • Your body is poooped out

  • Your brain is tired

  • You've started your Personal Journey & are a bit confused

  • You desire to live from Love instead over Fear

  • The Universe won't stop showing you signs

  • You deserve Unconditional Love

  • You deserve the right support

  • You deserve to be healthy & happy

What services do I offer?

Holistic Life Coaching in the following ways:

  • Transformational Life Programs

  • VIP 1:1 Coaching

  • Group Coaching

  • Retreats & Workshops

  • Speaking Engagements

  • Team Building for Organizations & Staff

  • Exclusive Social Media Groups

  • Holistic Consultations of Mind, Body, Spirit


Below are the ways in which I offer my Life Coaching Programs - all of which have a foundation in Spirituality and our place in the Universe. Regardless of your faith system, these practices and coaching will enhance your life in unlimited ways. All programs are virtual and are filled with heart centered support for your highest and best self to step forward.

1:1 Diamond Level Coaching

In this Program, I work with you one on one in a 6 or 12 month container to bring you back into balance in mind, body and spirit.

Group Coaching

This Program is set up in a 3, 6, or 12 month container, where we meet in a community of other women to harness our collective energy for individual growth.

Self Paced Programs

This Program is self-paced with practices for you to learn and incorporate into your daily life that have the potential to create harmony and balance.

Together, with my coaching style of Heart & Chutzpah! And your desire for a life of joy - we clear away the bullshit holding you back - to create the Life you love, to be peace in mind, body and spirit to unleash the Chutzpah! to be You!

You cannot get this life wrong.


Practice Makes Magic

Step 1. Breathe

I'm your Coach if

  • You’ve been “trying to figure it out" for far too long

  • You're a woman who desires to live a holistic life of balance in body, mind and spirit

  • Feel like you're losing your ever lovin' mind

  • Tired of your own bullshit

  • You are so stressed your dog feels it

  • You've had enough of feeling not enough

  • Your body is sending painful messages

  • You keep reliving the same day over and over and over and over and over

I coach women, who

  • LOVES to learn

  • Is Spiritually driven

  • Craves creativity

  • Is able to ask for help

  • Believes we are all connected

  • Desires more financial abundance

  • Believes everything is energy

  • Is Spiritually Awakened (ing) Woman 5D

  • Is ready to release her stuck Emotions

  • Brave & Courageous in the face of fear

  • Believes in the Laws of the Universe

  • Knows she has a purpose in this life

  • Craves thoughtful & thought provoking conversations

  • Believes in Holistic Living, Health & Healing

  • Applies her own authenticity to empower others

  • Bold, brave and compassionate who are called to serve humankind from a soul-led knowing

  • Understands feeling is uncomfortable and necessary

  • That we are abundant beings with limitless potential

  • Wants to go all the way into transformation, not stopping when “comfortable”

  • Feels called to expand and uplevel her life

  • Knows we are meant to be joyful and happy 

  • Craves dissolving their own bullshit

  • Craves true authenticity

  • Sees a better world for us all

AND yet she...

  • Feels lost

  • Feels spiritually disconnected

  • Has lack of relationship fulfillment

  • Craves time freedom

  • Desires true happiness

  • Feels overwhelmed and depleted

  • Going through major life transition

  • Has no motivation

  • Has buried her dreams for others needs

  • Has no idea what she wants now

  • Is out of touch with herself & feelings



extreme self-confidence or audacity.

Coaching with Heart & Chutzpah!

Together, with my coaching style of Heart & Chutzpah! And your desire for a life of joy - we clear away the bullshit holding you back - to create the Life you love, to be peace in mind, body and spirit to unleash the Chutzpah! to be You!

You cannot get this life wrong.

See COACHING for complete details.

Step 2. Feel it


Who Am I?

That's a really great question.

One I still ponder every single day.

I am a woman who had to come to terms with the reality that I had created, and the fact that it didn't match the vision in my soul. When I realized this - everything changed.

My marriage ended.

My business ended.

My life exploded in my face.

Bullshit everywhere.

My life as I knew it was ending. 

Thank god!

I realized that because I was the only one going to make my life the way I knew it could be - I had to make changes. BIG changes.

Read more about my Story here.


Mission & Vision

I dream of a world where we are all Safe and Free to be our Authentic Selves every moment.


I empower women to trust their inner guidance system - their body, spirit and mind, by coaching them with unconditional love, holding space for their journey into their authentic, whole self. To create a giant ripple effect of healing the planet by ways of tapping into our spiritual gifts.

To stay connected and get engaged with my Weekly Sunday trainings, Join my Exclusive Facebook Group:

The Art of Being You

"Donnia has been an invaluable support to my work as both a mom and an entrepreneur. Too often I can get attached to “struggle” and this hustle culture without asking myself what I really want and how I will get there. Donnia asks big, beautiful, and deeply meaningful questions that helped me reframe my thinking about my total well-being and then has supported my journey in ways I could not have even imagined.."


- Shelley Jack

Marketing Strategist & Educator

SHEbe Marketing


“A good coach can change a game.
A great coach can change a life.”


– John Wooden

Step 3. Decide

Results my clients get

  • Clarity of life purpose

  • Confidence to step into your truth

  • Connection to higher self and Spiritual Board of Advisors

  • Ability to trust your inner guidance

  • Incredible sense of Authenticity

  • Increased sense of Purpose

  • Boundary creation

  • Nutrition and lifestyle changes

  • Access to more joy, peace and ease

  • Set healthy Boundaries

  • Increased Sense of Authentic Self

  • Maintain Daily Self-Care

  • Healing from old thought patterns

  • OUT of the Bullshit (survival mode)

  • Works with her Intuition and Inner Senses

  • Shift Perceptions of Reality

  • Awareness of Conditioning behaviors

  • Elevated Self-Compassion

  • Awareness of Abundant + Limitless possibilities

  • Embrace New Opportunities

  • Sees life as Abundant

  • Mind/Body/Spirit Well-Being Connection

What is holding you back?

Your soul is that part of you that is closest to God, Source. Your soul speaks to your mind through feelings and intuition. Listen to your feelings and intuition. Honor them over any conflicting thoughts and emotions. Be careful though because some thoughts and emotions can camouflage themselves as feelings. But be still and you can distinguish between them.


The desires that you suppress become depressions. And that leads to even worse. It can sometimes lead to unhealthy ways to fulfill those suppressed desires. Express your desires and you create life and joy.


-David Cameron Gikandi, A Happy Pocket Full of Money

Living in Purpose

What exciting things happen when you live in balance? 

  • TRUST (in yourself and the process)

  • JOY will be a way of life (present moment awareness)

  • UNDERSTANDING of your purpose (great abundance awaits you)


What are the 3 things we give up? 

  • FEAR (anxiety, scarcity mindset, worry, overwhelm)

  • CONDITIONS (the shoulds, can’ts and illusions)

  • SUFFERING (dis-ease, pain and attachment)


What to watch for when making this shift?


    • TURBULENCE (power struggle of ego)

    • RESISTANCE (past versions of you)

    • CLINGING (to your safe, comfortable box)

Practice Makes Magic


The program has exceeded my expectations 1,000,000%.

The personal growth gained has been huge. My ability to guide others has improved. I am thrilled to be feeling better, sleeping better, being more grateful and handling situations with grace, purpose, and calmer emotions. These changes have made life and relationships a whole lot more fun and purposeful. Isn’t it great to finally learn how we best fit in this world?


    - Kristin Asinger

    Executive Director, Leadership McKean

    Certified Facilitator, Working Genius

Are you ready to live from
love and not fear?


- with my coaching -
your life is about to get

absolutely magical.


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