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Hi! My name is Donnia Anastasia.
I am your Retreat Leader and offer my 16+ years of experience to uplift, empower and teach how living a mindful, holistic life can reduce stress and illness AND increase the joy you already have in front of you.
Self Care is the key.

Join me in a weekend getaway to discover your unique true self.

7 Reasons to Retreat LIVE
7 reasons in 7 days at 7pmEST

All week I am sharing 7 reasons why the holidays are the perfect time to retreat and recharge your batteries with Radical Self Love

Day 7 Make the commitment in 2024 to make it the Year of you - The Art of Being You. Aren't you excited to live your absolute most amazing life??


Day 6 Learning to embrace our authenticity takes vulnerability, courage and making the choice to experience life, not distractions of temporary joy from material things.


Day 5 Gratitude for all the ways we be on the planet and for the gifts we overlook every day. Life happens FOR US, not TO us. xo

Day 4 The topic for this segment is the conditioned behavior of "doing it all" is usually rooted in a deep need for approval and can sometimes signal low self esteem.


Day 3 I talk about Family and that it is in our differences that we may be more compassionate and unconditional loving. Have a listen.

Day 2 I talk about Mindful quiet time alone is a perfect way to be radical self love, and look inward.

Day 1 I talk about stress and its affects on your health and wellbeing to be unstoppable - This is at the heart of the Inner Landscape Retreat. Thanks for joining me.

January Getaway!

early bird tickets $199.99

price jumps to $275 Dec 1st!



JANUARY 5, 6, 7, 2024


A Retreat for anyone reclaiming their truth!

This is an introduction to my Signature 3 + 6 month course, My Inner Landscape.

A weekend getaway like no other.

Seeing yourself through gentler eyes.
Loving yourself unconditionally.
Forgiving, allowing and accepting love.
Speaking your authentic truth.
Flowing with creativity.
Trusting the world is safe.
Connecting to the Divine.


At the core of all these, is unwavering RADICAL self care.

"You are always thought of as a ray of hope when I need to reach out to you"
- Donna

WHY take yourself on this retreat?

Because ..

you feel like your best just isn't good enough

and you are ready to fall in love with yourself again.

you feel overwhelmed and exhausted - a lot

and you are committed to your health and well-being.

you know deep down you deserve more

love of self to be the best possible you!


Until Nov 30th

Early Bird Pricing $199.99


Hotel Information just below client testimonial

"You are such a divine force that is so magnetic is the only word I can use. You have something extra special my dear friend!!"
- Julia


The Chautauqua Harbor Hotel

Hotel accommodations must be made through the Chautauqua Harbor Hotel - and you can share a room to lower your cost! Room/suite costs range between $119-250/night depending. Better reason to bring a friend! For reservations, mention the Holistic Retreat Weekend click here.


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"Physical healing but beyond that you and the space and service you create have always made me feel welcome, able to let down my guard, and valued. You keep it real and laugh with me. And you are wonderfully creative!"
- Kara

WHO will benefit from this Retreat

The person who has become unhappy with living the status quo.


The person who has experienced shifts in their reality they cannot quite explain.


The person who seeks to understand why they do the things they do and simply cannot "figure it out" to make lasting changes.


A person who is tired of being the doormat, the people pleaser or who feels responsible for everyone and who knows at their core - this doesn't feel good anymore.


You are questioning your beliefs about life because the ones you were taught no longer have meaning or purpose for you.


The one who is emotionally charged when things take a detour.


This retreat is for you.

"You've helped me remember to breathe,
slow down, and
reconnect with myself."
- Anita
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