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The Art of Being You Reflections


Speaking my truth

I am important. I have things to say. I have important things to say and for too long I have felt inadequate which made me confused on my path. Learning how to speak my truth, that I have a truth and that it is important has been and still is such an expansive experience for me.

This week I was honored to speak with a local Zonta Club, of Zonta International, about my role in the community. A beautiful group of women who's one goal is to empower women! Through various causes, like ending child marriage, they serve the global community in so many ways. And I am proud to be a part of that.

In the past I feel as if I would have been super nervous and had to write down everything I was going to say and read it verbatim. Not anymore. This time I had a loose outline and I just went for it.

As I spoke, I felt myself getting more and more passionate about the words coming from my face. And as I looked around I wasn't sure how I was being received or if I was being received. I kept going.

I concluded with all the ways people could work with me, and had to make a mad dash to the car to get to another appointment.

But before I left, a woman spoke up and said, that was the most powerful thing to hear - I needed that - you are amazing... and then several other women chimed in and before you know it I was creating a special retreat for them based on all I know so far so we could all keep expanding on our paths.

I giggled as I walked out the door.

I am so excited about this life I get to live.

Namaste Sweet Souls 🙏

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