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Hi, My name is Donnia Anastasia

and I am so excited you have landed here!

How many I be of service?



I help you learn to trust your own inner guidance system.


To holistically support and hold sacred space your personal growth by cultivating your limitless potential, to courageously breakthrough + confidently blossom back into your true nature and transform for optimal well-being in all cycles of expansion.

Immersion Program

"Donnia has been an invaluable support to my work as both a mom and an entrepreneur. Too often I can get attached to “struggle” and this hustle culture without asking myself what I really want and how I will get there. Donnia asks big, beautiful, and deeply meaningful questions that helped me reframe my thinking about my total well-being and then has supported my journey in ways I could not have even imagined.."


- Shelley Jack

Marketing Strategist & Educator

SHEbe Marketing



Work with me to learn what makes you unique in terms of your health and overall well-being


Allow me to co-create with you, the life of your dreams by tapping into your abundant potential


Remember how our connection to the Divine/Source/Universe/God is at the heart of it all

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