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I am an advocate for the dying, and their friends and family during the final transition of this life through respect, support, and compassionate comforting care. I am currently receiving new clients at this time.

Hi! My name
is Donnia Anastasia.
I am an End of Life Doula and I would be honored to walk with you during this time of transition for your loved one.

How may I best serve you?


All the things. The things we don't like to think about let alone talk about in a caring and compassionate way. I was honored to be with my mom when she transitioned. After given 8 weeks to live, she gracefully accepted her time was close. I remember as I was washing the dishes one day, I looked over at her, and smiled, and she was simply looking at me. I said, "whatcha thinking, mom?" And her reply still brings joyful tears to my eyes. She said, "I'm just going to miss you so much." I walked over to her with a face full of tears, I cannot remember what I said, but I touched her face and she closed her eyes as she pushed her face into my hand. 

This is my why. This is why I have a strong calling to advocate for the wishes of the dying. My mom lost her voice because of the glioblastoma in her hippocampus about 4 weeks into the diagnosis. In appreciation for having spoken with her about her wishes, we were able to provide a loving, peaceful, silly and memorable end of life celebration for her.

I would be so very honored to walk with you through this process. The inevitable process we will all face one day. Let's do it together with love, comfort, compassion and joy.

What I do as an End-of-Life Doula is provide advocacy for the dying in all the ways that they ask to be respected and honored in 3 main areas - BEFORE, DURING and AFTER a loved one's transition. I provide comfort, compassion and presence for the dying - and their families - to lighten the burden of such intense emotional suffering. There are many ways for us to work together, contact me directly if a loved one of yours, or you, yourself, would like to make your transition into the great unknown a life affirming, unconditional loving celebration of life experience and process.

Below are a few of the components and Guiding principles and the types of specific support I can offer as an End-of-Life Doula. We start with a free consultation and determine which elements of my services you would prefer to utilize and then create a plan of action. I have per hour rates as well as package rates. It all depends on your situation and how I may be of service. Click here to fill out my short form to begin the process.  Or call me, 814-596-1004. I look forward to assisting you any way I can. Many blessings to you.

6 Guiding Principles

  • Non-medical support. Doulas refrain from performing any clinical or medicalized tasks. 

  • Non-judgmental support. The doula does not impose her/his values on the client such as acting on biases in favor of one method.

  • Family-centered approach. The individual and their family form the unit of care. Doulas do not take the place of partners, family members or other care providers. 

  • Holistic care. Doulas recognize the biopsychosocial and spiritual aspects of the whole person and provide services in the context of this understanding.

  • Empowerment. Doulas promote informed decision-making and foster maximum self-determination for the individual and family.

  • Team members. Doulas are team players with a special role.


Support Provided by Doulas

  • Presence. Good listener, witness, calming influence, nurturing, support for troubleshooting challenges.

  • Emotional support. Always part of the doula’s role. 

  • Information sharing. Education as needed and desired, non-biased and evidence-based. 

  • Proactive guidance. Anticipating needs and making a plan. Developing the plan of action when the time comes, so all those involved are on the same page - in advocacy of the dying and that their wishes be respected.

  • Resources and referrals. Making referrals to appropriate community resources and care providers, thereby increasing access to all available services. The paperwork. It's all part of the process and together we can work on all the necessary documents to be sure those that matter, know and respect the final requests.

  • Comfort measures and physical support. Can include hands-on comfort techniques, help with positioning, visualization, use of the breath, and so on. I can also coordinate Legacy Projects for your beloved.

  • Logistical support. Can include household help, running errands, transportation to medical appointments and so on.

RESOURCES for more information and understanding

ALUA ARTHUR - Leading Death Doula




To better understand what it is that I provide within my scope of practice, please download this PDF document before we schedule a consultation.

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with me today for my End-of-Life Doula Service.

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