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The Art of Being You Reflections


We must remain open to Receive

Your life is a series of moments. These moments make impressions on us, on our bodies, our minds, our spirits. They can leave an energetic imprint if we are closed. When we are open these moments float to us and through us - like waves of water through a screen.

The world as we know it is changing at a rapid rate - shifting and expanding to allow more moments of receptivity. These are the moments we have been waiting for. These are the moments worth living for. Moments strung together like tiny white twinkling lights create your life. How many of these moments are you consciously aware of? How many moments can you honestly say you are noticing and being present for? Since the present moment is all we ever have, maybe our task is to remain in this space - the present moment - to remain open to receive what the Divine has intended for us to experience.

You know your heart is open to receive the present moment when you feel at ease, at peace and walk into these moments with grace and unconditional love. When our hearts are open, we naturally feel good. Keeping your heart open takes practice. Conscious awareness and practice. Our experiences have made impressions in our bodies, the ones that feel amazing and the ones that feel downright awful. Both are necessary for our time on this planet. It teaches us contrast. It teaches us that in order to decipher what feels good - we must experience that which does not feel good.

When we are in a moment that doesn't feel good to us, we have a choice. We can close ourselves, tighten, constrict our breath and blood flow. Or we can remain open and flowing like water. it is in the space between that our greatest learning opportunities lie. You always have a choice. And when you practice what feels good for you - your body, your mind, your spirit are in alignment. To get clarity on that feeling and to practice that feeling will rewrite old stories and our brain patterns to a more connected sense of oneness with consciousness itself.

We live in a time that is asking us to remain open. We are living in a time where a massive, rapid transformation, a revolution, if you will, is taking place. In the coming days, months and years, the world as we have come to know it is going to ask much of you. It is going to keep showing you contrast in order for you to decide what you prefer to see in the world and what you do not prefer to see in the world. This alone is your opportunity to change the very reality in which you find yourself. So, keep showing up for it. Keep shining your light the way only you can. Keep opening. Keep receiving the gifts from divine consciousness. Keep you heart open.

Again and again and again.

When we remain open to receive, all is available to us. Relationships, abundance, peace, joy, clarity, confidence and Connection. Our hearts are so small, and yet, they have the power to end suffering, to end hatred, to end disconnection and separateness, to end destruction and create a world where we all benefit, where we all live in freedom, where we are never separate from ourselves or each other, or the Divine.

Be wildly open, to receiving - and your life will bloom over and over and over again.

Much Love, Donnia

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