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The Art of Being You Reflections


There are no limits

There are no limits.

You are brave.

You are strong.

You are bold.

You are here to reach your unlimited potential.

You are love.

You are sooo deserving.

You are worthy.

You are the best you ever.

I believe in me. And I believe in you.

There are no limits.

I spent the majority of my life feeling as if I didn't deserve success and unconditional love. I have had to teach myself a new way of being - one that is aligned with the purpose of my place here on the planet. My life today is a 180 of where I used to be. And I did the work to get me here.

What do you feel you deserve?

This can be a difficult question to traverse because we have been conditioned to believe we do not deserve to be happy, we don't deserve to be unconditionally loved, we don't deserve to be our authentic selves and we surely dont deserve to break away from doing things the "way we've always done them" . Bullshit.

Isn't it time to call our own bullshit? Bullshit on the ways we build a defense against our true nature? How we have learned to depend on others' opinions and approvals? Ugh. It's so heavy, isn't it? These are lies we have believed for far to long.

Haven't you had enough negative self-talk and making choices based on what others say or "think" of you?

My biggest takeaway of my continued soul transforming healing process?

***It only matters how I feel about the choices I make. I make amazing choices that are only aligned with my true authentic self. I matter. My voice matters. My needs matter. ****

You matter. 💛 greatly. To you.

Much Love,


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