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The Love story of a Lifetime

Conditioned Self💛Authentic Self

The Love story of a Lifetime

By Donnia Anastasia


We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We each have many dimensions to us. We come into this world as the Authentic self and usually by age 8, turn into our Conditioned Self - having forgotten all we were before.

Our conditioned self has and continues to serve us well - it keeps us alive. It also keeps us in survival mode. Which contributes to all nervous system issues like anxiety, fibromyalgia, brain function and the most rampant dis-ease of our time, stress.

It is the ego. The subconscious mind. The beautiful protector of all your bodily functions. It creates our reality based on what it observes - tastes, touches, sees, hears and smells - and makes a meaning about them.

Our Subconscious is the playground for which the ego likes to leave our fractured aspects to keep you safe from pain and suffering.

The Authentic self is our soul body that lives within our hearts. It is said to be a direct connection to the divine creator of all things. And it is the one thing we need to live this life here on earth. The one thing that allows this body to function.

The Authentic Self and the creator wrote a love story about your life. And the Authentic Self accepted all the things that were discussed in the story: love, fear, joy, pain, heartache, wisdom, laughter, silliness and meanness, peace and calm. And your Authentic self was so excited about it, and so enthusiastic about the opportunity to come experience all the things!

And to be balanced and fair, our human form was created with layers of tools to help us heal, help us learn, to change and expand - as only all things do. The Ego is the checks and balances - that once awakened to this multi-dimensionality of all things - becomes super threatened that its function will not be necessary - and so it goes into hyperdrive to fight against all it’s done for you - to keep you alive.

And in todays world, we literally have most everything we need and have no real reason to be so afraid and living from our conditioned selves.

I am here to change the world with this simple and yet layered and layered topic.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Donnia Ann Herberger, age 5

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