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The Art of Being You

The Movement


The Art of Being You is a movement of conscious awareness, decoding our beliefs, and is an exploration of the human experience through sharing our stories. Our stories heal. Our stories are our Medicine - our experiences are our Medicine. It's how we learn, grow, inspire, expand and connect.

We are ever evolving organisms - change is the only consistent constant.


And so, instead of resisting change at every turn, The Art of Being You is a movement about change - a movement about embracing those changes that come with love, peace and joy. Especially the less desirable changes like loss and suffering.

I only profess to know what my experiences have shown me, and that will look different from yours. But as a whole, all are necessary to heal the collective of the planet so that in generations to come, our lives have been lived in their purpose - being, showing and embodying love in all ways.

I encourage you to do more of what lights you up! Don't know? Reach out and together I am sure we will uncover what resonates with your soul.

The Podcast

The Art of Being You is an exploration of the human experience through the senses, interpretations and perceptions of all the experiences, thoughts, beliefs and conditioning the world has to offer. 


My hope is that you will listen for inspiration and deeper understanding of how your individual life plays a role in that of the Collective. I also hope to engage you, the listener, in conversations around your own dinner tables, in cafes and board rooms, so that we may begin to hold space for each other. 


May you be happy, healthy, holy, protected, prosperous and blessed.

Listen on Audible, Spotify, Apple and Google 

The Community

One goal I have is to create a sacred space online for us to gather, discuss, meditate and enjoy one anothers company - no matter where we are in the world. That is the beauty of technology these days. I used to be so resistant to it, but I am slowly learning what good it can bring and what good we can do with this amazing tool.

I have a FB private group, that if you are interested in joining - contact me and let me know.

Services I offer:

  • Transformational Life Programs

  • Yoga + Meditation

  • Retreats + Workshops

  • Community Connection

  • Ceremonies + Rituals

  • Podcast

  • Ayurveda


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