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Client Testimonial

"Raw honesty. Authentic self. Playfulness. Being lighthearted. "

-Kristin A,, Executive Director, Pennsylvania

Thank you!

Your registration has been accepted and I am thrilled to see you in the Masterclass.

Please take a moment to watch my welcome video for what to expect and prepare for in the Masterclass.

Welcome to the Oops! Masterclass

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The Art of Being You

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I coach women, who

  • LOVES to learn

  • Is Spiritually driven

  • Craves creativity

  • Is able to ask for help

  • Believes we are all connected

  • Desires more financial abundance

  • Believes everything is energy

  • Is Spiritually Awakened (ing) Woman 5D

  • Is ready to release her stuck Emotions

  • Brave & Courageous in the face of fear

  • Believes in the Laws of the Universe

  • Knows she has a purpose in this life

  • Craves thoughtful & thought provoking conversations

  • Believes in Holistic Living, Health & Healing

  • Applies her own authenticity to empower others

  • Bold, brave and compassionate who are called to serve humankind from a soul-led knowing

  • Understands feeling is uncomfortable and necessary

  • That we are abundant beings with limitless potential

  • Wants to go all the way into transformation, not stopping when “comfortable”

  • Feels called to expand and uplevel her life

  • Knows we are meant to be joyful and happy 

  • Craves dissolving their own bullshit

  • Craves true authenticity

  • Sees a better world for us all

AND yet she...

  • Feels lost

  • Feels spiritually disconnected

  • Has lack of relationship fulfillment

  • Craves time freedom

  • Desires true happiness

  • Feels overwhelmed and depleted

  • Going through major life transition

  • Has no motivation

  • Has buried her dreams for others needs

  • Has no idea what she wants now

  • Is out of touch with herself & feelings

Your soul is ready to lead with love. Are you?
Are you willing to step into your life fully?

To stay connected and get engaged with my Weekly Sunday trainings, Join my Exclusive Facebook Group:

The Art of Being You

Are you ready to live from
love and not fear?


- with my coaching -
your life is about to get

absolutely magical.


The Holistic Coach with Heart & Chutzpah!

What does it mean?



Holding Space for the process

Meeting people where they are




Non judgmental approach

Accepting bumps and wobbles as learning and growth

Trusting the process for each

Supporting them at every turn



Standing for their vision and truth

Allowing others their choices without judgment

Providing guidance and direction into Authenticity

Shining a light when we are in Conditioning bullshit

Trusting the process for each

Curiosity for path/choices/stories/conditioning


My Values









Process over Perfection

Grace when I forget

Patience for growth

Unlimited Self love

Courage to keep going

Process over Outcome

Creativity over Competition

Focused and Clear


The program has exceeded my expectations 1,000,000%.

The personal growth gained has been huge. My ability to guide others has improved. I am thrilled to be feeling better, sleeping better, being more grateful and handling situations with grace, purpose, and calmer emotions. These changes have made life and relationships a whole lot more fun and purposeful. Isn’t it great to finally learn how we best fit in this world?


    - Kristin Asinger

    Executive Director, Leadership McKean

    Certified Facilitator, Working Genius

Coaching with Heart & Chutzpah!

Together, with my coaching style of Heart & Chutzpah! And your desire for a life of joy - we clear away the bullshit holding you back - to create the Life you love, to be peace in mind, body and spirit to unleash the Chutzpah! to be You!

You cannot get it wrong when you live in Purpose.

See COACHING for complete details.

What is holding you back?

Your soul is that part of you that is closest to God, Source. Your soul speaks to your mind through feelings and intuition. Listen to your feelings and intuition. Honor them over any conflicting thoughts and emotions. Be careful though because some thoughts and emotions can camouflage themselves as feelings. But be still and you can distinguish between them.


The desires that you suppress become depressions. And that leads to even worse. It can sometimes lead to unhealthy ways to fulfill those suppressed desires. Express your desires and you create life and joy.


-David Cameron Gikandi, A Happy Pocket Full of Money

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