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If you're here, it means you are ready to jump in!
9 weeks Self-Paced Program

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Welcome to the Self Paced version

of my original Signature Program

This is an amazing stepping stone if you are new to your Personal Journey and feel like you need to explore on your own. This is the original program I built years ago, as the work I did when I started to transform my life.


The content is timeless as I now focus my energy on engaging with my clients in 1:1 and group sessions. 

Maybe you are choosing this because of time constraints or maybe you have time or personal reasons. It's ALL good, and I am over the moon you are taking this first step. Welcome sweet soul.

From time to time I will be updating the information in this portal, so keep coming back to it - you have access for a lifetime anyway. I have so much more information to add in! And there is never a new charge for you - once you have paid in full, it's yours for life.


There is an Agreement of Use Google Form you will receive once purchased, outlining my responsibility for the content and your progress. Please review it, fill it out and submit back to Donnia.



The Transformational Course includes 9 weeks:

Body + Mind + Spirit Holistic Self Care Practices

Daily Morning Routines

Daily Evening Routines

Working the 5 Aspects of us:

     Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Emotional and Energetic
Emotional Discovery

Recorded Meditations

Journal Prompts

Training Videos

Nutrition & Lymphatic System Information

Module 1 - True Nature

Module 1 works on getting to the core of our true nature through mindful daily practices that are centered around YOU and your needs. This is the time for questioning all you have ever thought, believed, felt or even observed in your current reality of how life is or how you were told it "should" be.

Module 2 - Core Values

This practice is truly important at this season of your life because you are not the same person you were yesterday, especially 25 years ago. Our vales change. Especially when we become awake and aware and conscious. You get to decide and declare what your NOW Core Values are for your life moving forward.

Module 3 - Thoughts

This modules asks to get curious about the thoughts we have, and become aware of their positive or negative energy. We are not our thoughts. We have thoughts. Big distinction. We can learn to be the observer of our thoughts.

We can learn to be the witness of the thousands of thoughts we have daily. This is what Meditation is really good at - getting us to a place where we are just observing without judgment or emotional attachment.

Module 4 - Receiving

Receiving is the opposite of Resistance. And we are incredible receivers for all the possibilities life has for us. We also are great resisters - we resist change, we resist what does not feel good, we resist what feels good, we resist all day long on so many levels. Which is why we stay in states of comfort for way too long and end up resentful, guilty and feeling like we aren't worthy or good enough.

Module 5 - Alignment

We can gauge our alignment to Source - by how we feel. When we feel peaceful we are in alignment. When we feel satisfied we are in alignment. When we feel anger we are out of alignment. When we feel depressed we are out of alignment. When we feel disappointment we are out of alignment. These emotions are going to be the biggest game changer for your journey forward. Being in alignment with Source is your true nature. It's Unconditional Love.

Module 6 - Boundaries

Boundaries are set for the person making them - not others. Boundaries are to develop the safe inner landscape that has always been there but was diminished due to the domestication of the planet. They are simple or complex guideposts that hold you in a safe space always. They could focus on your personal truths and core values in general or you can get more specific about the who, what, and when. There is no room for why in these boundary setting. WHY? Because I want to feel good and be my true authentic self and I am not hiding any aspect of me anymore. That's why. And no one needs to know but you.

Module 7 - Authenticity

Our Authenticity comes into play here when we talk about, become aware of and unpack our conditioning, beliefs and patterns that are no longer serving us. Our sense of belonging (to a family, community, club, race, culture, etc) will take a direct hit when we become our true authentic selves.

There will come a time when stepping into your authentic true self will be in direct opposition to the belonging you think you desire. You're true belonging is that to Source, Universe, god. not other humans.

Module 8 - Who Am I?

We are here to build your new, personalized, safe and expansive space from which to grow and expand into our fullest possible becoming. It's such an amazing journey. THIS is the only journey that matters.

Module 9 - Flow State

Lessons to embody:

To see everything as a gift.

To embrace the contrast and appreciate it.

To be able to tune your receiver to the desired station and hold steady to it.

To be in your alignment with Source energy in all ways with all beings.

To practice unconditional kindness, compassion, love and peace with the world community.

Going with the flow of life - not standing in the way, not resisting what comes.

Being aware of what you prefer and do not prefer and making choices out of authenticity instead of need or others needs.

This Self Paced Program does not include any 1:1 face time with me. Should you have any questions or need extra support during this journey, please contact me and we can make additional arrangements for your Transformational Journey.

The Support button above will email us directly.

9 weeks Self-Paced Program

Pay in Full


Pay installments


Transformation awaits!

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