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A weekend getaway like no other that is centered around inner RADICAL Self-Love.

Seeing yourself through gentler eyes.
Loving yourself unconditionally.
Forgiving, allowing and accepting love.
Speaking your authentic truth.
Flowing with creativity.
Trusting the world is safe.
Connecting to the Divine.

At the core of all these, is unwavering self care.



RADICAL self-love is holding ourselves in utter compassion, loyalty and truth as we show up in the world. It's holding ourselves tight when we want to run away. It's reminding ourselves to breathe and pause. It's remembering who we are. Come on this Radical Self-Love Retreat with me - your most authentic life awaits.

Hi! Donnia Anastasia here. I am your Retreat Leader and offer my 16+ years of experience to uplift, empower and teach how living a mindful, holistic life can reduce stress and illness AND increase the joy you already have in front of you.

Join me in a weekend getaway to rediscover your joy.



Join me on an weekend away to jumpstart the life you have always dreamt about. If you care about how you feel and the direction of your most alive, most abundant and creative life - consider this retreat was curated for you. Singles, couples, moms and daughters, sister, partners, friends, even teenagers who may be interested when accompanied by an adult.


Together, through curious workshops, healthy meals, sacred quiet space and investigative exercises - we tap into your true nature - authentic self. Our itinerary looks something like this:


January 5-7, 2024



530PM RADICAL Self-Love Jumpstart - Retreat Opening + Overview

630PM Dinner together - see recommendations

8PM Evening routine (see your Retreat Booklet for ideas)

93-10PM Off to the Land of Nod



6AM  Morning Routine

7-7:45 AM Raising our energy with Guided Meditation + QiGong

7:45 - 830AM  Prepare for your day ahead + Continental Breakfast in Workshop space

9AM  RADICAL Self-Love Workshop - Learning ways to elevate acceptance of self

1230PM Lunch provided *PLEASE send me your food choice

130PM RADICAL Self-Love Workshop - Interactive and Inspiring ways to uplevel your self love

4PM  Personal reflection time, rest + recharge

530PM  Dinner together - see recommendations

8PM Evening Routine

93-10PM Off to the Land of Nod



6AM  Morning Routine

7-7:45 AM Raising our energy with Guided Meditation + Tai Chi

7:45 - 830AM  Prepare for your day ahead, pack up and bring materials to car or into gathering room + Continental Breakfast in Workshop space

9AM  RADICAL Self-Love Workshop - Tools and Resources for life at home


12PM - OPTIONAL Meet up at local Wegmans for dosha shopping tips




Because you are a magnificent, worthy and limitless being who came into this life to experience unconditional love of self.​

Because LIVING the DASH of your life from truth, courage, authenticity, unconditional love, joy and peace is why you are on this planet at this time.

Because the wholeness of who you are demands that you wake up to the truth that your external landscape - your "reality" is determined soley by how your inner landscape feels moment to moment. 

And because your inner landscape is the one thing in this life you can control.

Creating the life of our dreams starts with us. Each of us has the guidance to live in authenticity and unconditional love.

This retreat is designed to be as health conscious as possible in all regards. Food was carefully selected.


Your ticket price includes the event pass for all three days. In addition, it includes hot breakfast options on Saturday and Sunday, fresh fruit and vegetable snack trays during workshop on Saturday as well as full lunch options for Saturday.  Lunch options are a chicken dish and 2 vegetarian options. Ticket price also includes NYS taxes and services charges from the hotel.

If you have any dietary restrictions, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Contact the hotel directly for your room registration and payment options. A retreat ticket does not cover your room cost. Hotel accommodations must be made through the Chautauqua Harbor Hotel - and you can share a room to lower your cost! Better reason to bring a friend! For reservations, mention the Holistic Retreat Weekend and go to


I am looking forward to an empowering journey ahead!



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