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The Art of Being You Reflections


Your Soul Story

My Soul what?

Your Soul Story. The love story written by you and the Divine.

Have you read it?

Have you scoured its pages to realize your true potential?

Wait, you haven't read it yet?

You didn't know there was a love story written for you?

Well, there is. It lives within your heart. It is printed on the most delicate paper made of leaves and earth. It was written in ink made with lavender and rose petals. The story was imagined by you and the Divine - to fulfill all the wishes you've ever made. It was written long ago and you have simply forgotten how the story goes.

And so, I am here, to assist you in remembering that story. The story of beauty and wonder. The story of bravery and courage. The story of triumph over suffering. The story of unconditional love and unfathomable loving.

It's the story of how you were meant to forget, meant to struggle, meant to feel the pain of heartache.

And it it the story of your full authentic remembering. Remembering all the abundance and fullness, the wholeness of who you are. It is the story of being connected to the divine because you are the divine.

It's the story of the oness of all things. That we are each here for our own special love story. You see, we each wrote a love story to ourselves. Knowing full well we would forget, and that one day, in the not to distant future, we would uncover, unearth this book and breathe a sigh of relief in its finding.

And in it's pages, we will bring forth all our experiences, every single one of them. We will lay them out on the floor and review them. One by one we will declare what gift was hidden inside that experience and we will remember that we asked for that hidden message. We asked to have that experience. And that one. And that one. And that one.

And this one.

2024 promises to be the best year yet on the planet and discovering your Soul Story is just the beginning. I expect I will see many of you this year in my retreats, workshops and signature programs for spiritual transformation through Radical Self Love practices. I also expect you will begin to have breakthroughs after breakthroughs once we start this journey of holistic health and wellness.

Until then, much love to you all.


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