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Transform your Anger into Joy

Updated: Jun 5

The true definition of JOY goes beyond the limited explanation presented in a dictionary — “a feeling a great pleasure and happiness.” True joy is a limitless, life-defining, transformative reservoir waiting to be tapped into. It requires the utmost surrender and, like love, is a choice to be made.

What's important to recognize is that anger and joy are simply different kinds of fuel. While anger feeds resistance, joy feeds restoration.

Born out of an experience I had recently. I was working with a colleague on something that was stuck within me - and we touched on several possibilities - and then it hit me, I was pissed off. I was head over heals angry about what another human “did” to me. After I realized this human behaved that way, because I taught them how to treat me. That was huge. And I got really pissed off. I got so mad that I took my plastic bat and proceeded to beat the shit out of my pillow and couch. I swore like a sailor, I said all the things I wished I would have had the guts to say to their face - all the ways they betrayed me, the ways they dismissed me, the ways they disappointed me, hurt me, broke my trust, broke my heart and put me into this spiral of disgust and hate and anger.

When I was finished, pillow badly bruised and misshapen, I laid the bat down and laughed so hard - in pure release  - I showed that pillow who was boss!

About 2 hours later, I found myself sobbing uncontrollably, hysterically, ugly crying into my hands of all those feelings: betrayal, hurt, disappointment, dismissal, broken trust and heart - only to realize I HAD DONE THIS TO MYSELF. I was the one who betrayed, hurt, disappointed, dismissed, broke my own trust and my own heart. I had done this completely unconsciously. I had never taught this person what I deserved because I hadn’t taught myself what it was I deserved. Big Breakthrough. MASSIVE. Why would someone who has spent the better part of their life healing do these unspeakable things to themselves?

I’ll tell you why.

Because those of us who authentically are “too” sensitive and “too much” for others to handle, we internalize the belief that there is something wrong with us. And this belief triggers us in all the ways we desperately want to be seen, heard and valued and honored. And we accept anyone and anything that will provide even an ounce of these things that we cannot give to ourselves - and then… and then we get angry. AND, we are taught, especially as women, that it is not okay to be angry, let alone unleash it. We are told to "get over it" or "go away until you feel better".

Being Angry is NORMAL and just another experience in this life. But to have a safe place to release it is a whole other story. Repressed anger was the core of my 30year battle with alcohol.

And when we don't feel safe to let it out - it festers inside us, establishing the multitude of suppressed emotions such as: shame, jealousy, helplessness, guilt, embarrassment, insecurity, pain, contempt, feeling unsafe and threatened, lonely, anxious, hurt, hungry, sad, disappointed, tired and stressed. Anger hides all these deeper emotions.

Anger is a very powerful emotion because it literally makes our blood boil inside us. The Liver is the seat of anger. See the connection? Anger - Alcoholism - liver dis-ease. ??? It creates a hostile environment within us because our authentic selves know our true nature is love and harmony - and when the world does not give love and harmony to us - we assume we are bad, wrong, and we must be defective and unlovable. This discord of what we feel and what we know to be true - at a deep spiritual level - is at the root. We must pull the root.

I am creating a new experience - to allow you to have your anger. An experience that allows you to say all the things you need to say - out loud - to release yourself from the bondage of self hate and unworthiness, of being “too much”.

Welcome to the Anger Boot Camp

- a one day retreat to finally let it all out - in a safe, sacred community space that will change your life. It will take you from all the ways you have discounted yourself (and have given permission to others to do so) to a deep space of release, peace and incredible JOY! We use our gifts of compassion, listening, and love to transform this energy of anger into harmony and joy.

From Anger to Joy - that is my mission with this event.

There will be limited spots available - If you are ready to let that bullshit go - reply with comment JOY and I will send you more details when they are available.

You are not gonna wanna miss this!

I love you so much,

it's crazy!


I am the Transformational Life Coach that empowers and supports you to understand yourself - so that you can live your life in purpose, ON purpose, in JOY for no reason, true personal freedom, authenticity & optimal health, every single day.

Mission & Vision

I coach women in leadership to work with their body, spirit and mind to create a life of joy, ease and peace. I see women stepping into their power by making themselves a priority, not an afterthought. This will create a giant ripple effect in their life, that of their families and of healing the planet.

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