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The Art of Being You Reflections


That's simply how the world is

Thats one of the most disempowering statements of all time and space.

Do you realize the more you focus on what you do not prefer, when you complain

and think about what you do not want to experience, the more of that exact thing

keeps coming into your experience to justify, yep, life is about suffering! Ugh. People!

It's Time to rise.

This goes for everything. Your health, your life, your family, your faith, your finances, your job, your neighbors, the community, the stop light, the loud barking dog, the mail, the car, the schoolbus, the train, world commerce, politics, insurance system, the government, education system, any injustices, the weather and on and on and on.

Get this: the world is the way it is because you believe the world is the way it is. And so it keeps showing you more of what you believe.

Beliefs are just thoughts you keeping thinking.

When you finally feel this in the core of your being, that you are the one with access to the power within, when you finally come to this awareness, life becomes so damn magical and deliberately amazing.

Dont misunderstand... it matters not to me what you think or believe or even how you behave. Its your path. I'm simply pointing out that you, who consistently complain and talk about your "diagnosis" or chronic condition keep perpetuating your own suffering. I also know that will trigger many of you.

It doesn't mean injustices don't exist and pain doesn't exist and that it's not uncomfortable. Not as an individual but more as the collective, we, are creating the reality we are living in. All of it.

And when you find this power within you, that you have the control over your thoughts, life gives you more of that on what you focus. And you will know you have the undeniable and awesome power to create worlds and live the very life you dream about.

You want to live in your power? I do.

You want to declare once and for all that you are a deliberately creator in this life? Hell yes!

Connect with me. Life is more beautiful and more abundant than you can ever imagine.

It really is!

It's Time to Rise.


I love you so much,

it's crazy.

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