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The Art of Being You Reflections



When you pluck a guitar string to tune it to another guitar, the same exact string will vibrate. Pluck the C string on one guitar, the C strong on the other guitar automatically will vibrate. With no interaction from the person whatsoever. This is resonance. That which is like itself is drawn.

And we are no different.

We are beings of energy - we are 99.999% space and energy. Our thoughts are vibrations. Money is energy, a vibration. The foods you eat house a vibration. The people around you are also, by default, vibrational beings. It's such a fascinating part of our very existence.

And so, by this rationale, where you are vibrating, where your frequency is, where you are resonating - will automatically draw the same to you. Every single time. And in ways we may not fully understand the how and when aspect of it. If you resonate with more money, money will start to show up. If you resonate with your ideal partner, by being those qualities, thoughts and actions within yourself - you cannot help but to draw that person to you. Most often it isn't a super fast straight line, so having compassion and grace to ask and allow the universe to works it's magic is usually where most humans go awry.

Resonance is the occurrence of a vibrating object causing another object to vibrate a higher amplitude. Resonance happens when the frequency of the initial object's vibration matches the resonant frequency or natural frequency of the second object.

Rev. Michael Beckwith, points out that most people get the Law of Attraction wrong. He explains that just because you want something doesn't mean the Universe is going to give it to you. Remember, the Universe gives you what you are. It's about your identity, not your thoughts.

The cosmic Law of Resonance

These phenomena of resonance can be very well ascribed to our inner world of thoughts, feelings and emotions as well as to our way to associate with other people and with our surroundings. Thoughts, feelings, ideas, etc., attract, evoke and amplify each other through resonance. 

Here is a little test:

  1. think of something you don't particularly care about one way or another, like a flute, or a bowling ball. It must be something you have no feelings about.

  2. Think about this thing for 5 minutes every day - at the same time. Don't miss a day. Do this for 2 weeks. Don't miss a day.

  3. Go about your life with no further effort.

  4. Notice how often or how long it takes to show up. It may be in a video, or a movie, or randomly being carried by another human as they walk by you. You may see an ad, or hear someone talking about that very thing.

  5. 5. Next level: Think of something you truly resonate with and use this same technique. AND allow the "how" and 'When" to never enter your mind. Simply think about the thing that you resonate with. Every day. Every moment you can. Have zero attachments to the "how" it will show up, the "if" it will show up or the "when" it will show up. And watch as it miraculously shows up, as if by magic.

This is how powerful you are. Never forget that.

Much Love, Donnia

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