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The Art of Being You Reflections


Mastering the Art of Being You

Inner Landscape Retreat

Mastering the Art of Being You

Begins with Radical Self Love

It begins with wholeness.

Splits into Conditioned Self and the Authentic Self.

We experience life through these lenses and create our reality.

We “live” our lives.

Years go by, decades. 

Maybe even lifetimes. And then.

Something happens. 

Everything is different. 

The things that you once thought brought you conditioned joy, love and peace no longer have meaning.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. 

And we are here for the ride of our lives! Are you ready for all the beauty and pain, all the joy and heartache? Are you ready for sweetness like you’ve only dreamt about? Are you ready to sit with someone as they transition? 

Are you ready to live your dash?

Because it starts with Radical Self Love. Radical, daily self care. Radical shifts in your conditioned self that will be very uncomfortable and you will want to quit. And you do for a while.

But then, You remember. Your heart was open to receive and you felt, for the very first time, that things were brighter and warmer and safer than ever before. You remembered who you are.

You are sunlight and rain, snow and mountains. You are the sky and the earth, the wind and the fire. You are space. You are energy. I am you. You are me. We are one.

We are all made of stars and moonlight and sticks and stones. Every fiber of our being is pure positive energy. We agreed to be here at this time. We agreed to do the work here now. And we can’t wait to get started.

Have you discovered your authentic self yet? The part of you that integrated the conditioned self and can only see one now? To feel a sense of belonging back to yourself because you just shed decades, lifetimes of conditioning and worn out beliefs from your body, your mind, your energy is now flowing. Your health is radiant - your communication steady and strong.

You are a teacher.

Go, tell the others.

Much love for you,

Donnia Anastasia

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