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The Art of Being You Reflections


I've got you

Happy dance here...Being excited doesn't even cover it!

When I expanded Sacred Spaces offerings to yoga, meditation and workshops, I *used* to take it personally that not one person wanted to do yoga (it was 7am for f sake) with me.

But then one person came. And then that one person kept coming. And then that person brought a friend. And that person is still coming to my classes. When I stopped taking it personally - because I am not the center of the universe - everything flowed. And it still flows.

If I can be of service for 1 person, 100 is amazing! I hope I have given you "food for thought" - now, you have been given seeds to plant. If they resonate, plant them. If not, toss 'em out your window and let the birds feast.

Now my personality wants to diminish this because it's "only" 100. I wonder where the belief came from that there is a certain amount that makes anything worthwhile?? I'm curious.

Silly ego - still working hard to keep me safe. Its okay, I've got you.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti!

I am humbled and so enthusiastic about what's unfolding.

I love you so much, It's crazy.


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