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The Art of Being You Reflections


Flexing in the mirror

Radical Self-Love is innate. We were born with it. We have always known about it and how it feels. Our souls came into this life knowing how it feels and what to do when we don't feel it.

The reason for being, the reason for this very existence may differ slightly from person to person. However, it is my firm belief (and I say this because it feels good in my body, heart and mind) that we all have come here to be and teach love. I know it doesn't feel like that sometimes. And actually, thats the point. AND, I believe this to be true.

When we pick up a weight or take a movement class we are working the physical muscles of the body for sure. Those physical movements also help to release built up energy and stagnant emotions that keep us feeling stuck. It feels good, right?

One muscle we don't give enough attention and awareness to, is our self-love muscle. I was rasied to believe that self love was a bad and sinful thing - something only hethens and selfish people do. Maybe I got it wrong, but from my adult experiences, this kinda rings true. If you can imagine this muscle of self-love like any other muscle in the body - it craves being stretched and flexed, loved, nourished and used every single moment. We often don't hear it though until we find ourselves in need of rest, and sometimes that comes in the form of illness.

AND, the best news is, we simply have to remember our true nature in order to begin again, every morning, to flex our muscles of Self-love.

Try this practice: When you brush your teeth every morning, instead of running through your daily tasks to get done, simply look yourself in the eye. The left eye to be precise. Create a rythym with your brushing movement and repeat something like... "I love brushing my teeth. I love how my mouth feels clean. I love knowing I am practicing self love right here, right now. Thank you teeth for perfoming optimally for me"....add your own.

Your body hears and believes everything you say to it. Flex those Self-Love muscles every moment you catch yourself with a not-so-nice thought about yourself - or someone around you.

Radical Self-Love is innate - we all know we need it to thrive.

I'm more than ready to thrive, are you?

Much Love,



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