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The Art of Being You Reflections



In God. Enthusiasm means "in god". If you would have said that to me 10years ago, I would have tuned you out or walked away. My relationship with god has been anything but smooth sailing in my 5 decades on this planet.

From birth I was indoctrinated into a man-made religion that served only to keep me small, afraid and silent. Something inside me just couldn't buy into this concept that this all powerful, all knowing was a "white man sitting in a cloud looking down and judging me". I decided from a very young age - this was not for me. But in order to live in the world, I had to make choices. Thankfully my ego stepped up and created a safe harbor for me to retreat to when things got too painful and confusing for my little brain to comprehend. This is how my artistic journey started - it became my one safe place where I could be - me. The me that I came here to be.

Flash forward 40 years. Awareness, unpacking and being in my flow state of creativity and receptivity are my daily practices. I practice morning and evening mindfulness journeys into my survival mechanisms that have enabled me to be in the world. Journaling, meditation and dancing around like a child are part of my daily practice now. I had a lot of remembering to do - and still do. I have transformed those survival tactics into thriving pathways to allow abundance, health, peace, joy and enthusiasm into every moment. God is now a term that no longer triggers me, but moves me into deeper understanding and awareness for myself. Whatever it is that created me and will eventually take me home is unconditional love, infinite possibilities and profound wisdom.

I recently experienced one day of complete and utter joy, fun and enthusiasm - unmatched by any other day in my life. It was a simple photoshoot. My past experience with seeing myself in photos was to cringe and my inner critic would surface with all sorts of justification as to why these photos broke my spirit. But this single day, this single moment of time that I allowed myself to experience in my flow state of infinite love and joy came through in every single shot. And I could not be more proud of myself for taking the risk to see what was really there all along. Love, joy, ease and Enthusiasm for my life - as it is - right now.

I inspire you to do the same in your life.

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