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The Art of Being You Reflections



Hi, allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Donnia Anastasia and I am here to be love. To love this world when it's beautifully ugly and when it's breathtaking. When its tumultuous and when its serene. To love this world for its magnificence and its ordinary. To be love in all I say, do, think and feel. And, I inspire others to do the same.

My path had been such an experience in expansion, solitude and joy. The work I get to do now is literally share what I know so far about healing, Holistic health modalities and our purpose for being here.

I get to talk about consciousness, awareness for the present and how to connect to it in our daily moments. I get to unpack all the boxes my ego created to keep me safe. I get to find parts of myself I never knew were there and never knew I missed. The path of self realization is the most fascinating thing I have ever done. I am in wonder and joy daily.

And I inspire others

To do the same.

I get to re- member myself piece by piece and layer by layer of my own free will and choice. I get to draw and color and paint whenever I want to. I get to wake at 4am, dance, laugh and then have coffee. I get to experience the simple things, the big things life has to offer by living in present moment awareness.

And I inspire others

To do the same.

I get to experience the pain of betrayal and the grief of loss. I get to stand firm on my boundaries and stand firm on the earth. I get to cry, scream, burn and explode stuff. I get to sit with friends in the dark who have forgotten their song.

And I inspire others

To do the same.

I get to be imperfect. Brave. Enthusiastic. Soft. Responsive. Receptive. Vulnerable. Confused. Uncomfortable. Curious. Worthy. Sovereign. Creative. Angry. Sad. Joyful. At ease.

And I inspire others

To do the same.

My UNSTOPPABLE TODAY program is multi leveled for maximum digestion. In Level I we discover AWARENESS and what that feels like in our lives. How to unlock its magic and show up for ourselves in every moment.

Level II we start to unpack all the fractured aspects of ourself. We get to re member the parts of us that are afraid, lonely, misunderstood, abused, neglected and set aside. And as we integrate these pieces of ourselves, we become more and more whole - and our worlds collide into brilliant bright fireworks.

Level III, The Flow State, is where the new magic happens. When our conscious efforts are front and center where they belong. To be guided by the divine infinite intelligence that is our source of all things.

I am teacher.

I am student.

I am intuitive.

I am energy.

I am powerful.

I am soft.

I am nature.

I an unstoppable.

I am joy.

I am ease.

I am creation.

I am love.

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