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Are you Outcome or Process Oriented?

If you're like me, and most humans, we have a desire to get the outcome we desire BECAUSE we started something. This is our first misstep. Well, mine anyway. I have exciting and inspirational ideas for my life, business and relationships, yet I find after a short while, that excitement and inspirations dips way low, thus i stop.

What I have come to understand is that we are wired for outcome. We are conditioned form a small age that if we do x, y will happen. And we get so fixated on the "y" that we forget there actually must be a process behind it - called consistency.

Whether it's for a better job, weight loss, more fulfilling relationships or that amazing new business idea - consistency must rely on process and not outcome. When we focus on the process, and not the outcome, the excitement and inspirations ABOUT the outcome remains consistent in our hearts and thus we keep focusing forward.

I have a habit of beating myself up mentally when I see the efforts I am putting forth deliver crickets and no results. However, if I am truly honest, I will see that my efforts have dwindled and my enthusiasm is in the toilet.

So, how do we become more successful, more abundant, healthier? By focusing only and always on the process. First of all, we will never get it done - al the things we desire to do or have or be will never be completed until out last breath. You wanna wait that long? I sure don't. And so let's focus on the PROCESS of becoming, the PROCESS of doing, the PROCESS of inspiration and enthusiasm. For without process, there can only bring self sabotage, negative mind chatter and low self esteem.

Process is key in any endeavor that feels good to you now. It's part of how the Law of Attraction works. When we focus on the outcome instead of the process we drive our minds to think thoughts that are pulling our vibration away from the whole reason we started something in the first place. Because it felt good, because it was exciting, because it is our truth. I don't know about you - but I desire to feel good every moment I can - and feeling good equates to remaining present in the moment, focusing on the task at hand and feeling satisfied more and more BECAUSE my desire to feel those things over powered my knowing I will never get it all done. And so, let's focus on the process or feeling enthusiasm (aka receiving mode) when we start anything new - to allow the universe, our higher being, to bring to us that which we desire.

I love you so much, it's crazy.

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