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The Art of Being You Reflections


Any people pleasers in the room?

I am certain, this is one of the reasons I came to this planet at this time.

Because I am needed.

And so are you.

Did you know that women have 80%

of all auto immune disease in this society?

Dis-eases where the immune system attacks the body - and it happens to women much more than men. Things like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Systemic Lupus. Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, inflammatory dis-eases of the gut. Why? Compulsively concerned with the emotional needs of others more than their own, duty, role and responsibility in their work in the world rather than their own true selves. They tend to suppress healthy anger, so they tend to be really really nice, the peacemakers and they tend to believe that they are responsible for how other people feel and that they must never disappoint anybody. Two fatal beliefs.
This is the demographic, according to not only observation but medical studies and research that tends to develop autoimmune disease. In this culture, what gender is taught more to suppress their emotions, their healthy anger, to be the people pleaser, the peacemakers and the care takers - women. This is a function of reality that most people deny in this patriarchal society, which we must talk about - it’s not a conspiracy. - Dr. Gabor Mate

Now that we know this, we can begin to shift away from the fatal conditioning, patterns and beliefs that have plagued women for a millenia. Our first step on this healing path, is awareness. Where in your current life are you "bending over backwards", saying yes for fear of disappointing someone, or where are you allowing your boundaries to slide because "they needed me"? Take a few moments, grab a pen and write them down. How do they feel when you read them to yourself.

Now, look at your list and declare right here, right now, that your journey of Radical Self-Love begins now. It begins the very second you become aware that you A. Are doing this and B. It doesn't feel good to you.

Be very careful when seeing how those things feel, because our ego (subconscious.conditioned self) will fight back. It will go find all the ways, all the stories, all the memories and beiefs that you hold that will justify why it's safer to stay right where you are and not challenge your new revealation. And it will be safer. For the ego. And if you are struggling with any physical, mental or spiritual disconnect, pain or discomfort - those will remain as well.

So what will you choose? Safety of the known, comfort of what you have expereinced?

Or will you choose curiosity, bravery and Radical Self-Love in this moment, and simply say,


Much love for you.


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