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The Art of Being You Reflections


I love my stove

Mom was always in the kitchen. Always cooking for someone. If it wasnt the family it was a local priest. Or some bake sale for one of her 4 children. I would watch her but never paid much attention really. All i knew is she cooked very well and appeared to also enjoy it. 

I believe she truly enjoyed cooking for others. Eventually i took an interest in my mom and started asking specifics on cooking. She helped me learn so much and i now aspire to be a cook like her. 

We bought our very first stove for Eureka this Autumn. I cant stay away from it. I feel my mom everytime i turn it on. And i can bake. I can bake really well. I learned that i actually love cooking and baking. Its so satisfying. 

I am grateful for my life. Every. Single. Second. Of it. <3

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