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The Art of Being You Reflections


How it started


How we started: When you have a vision, a dream, you think, eat, sleep and dream that dream. We wrote down what we knew we wanted for sure. 1. 6-21 acres (my fave #s) 2. Undeveloped land with no utilities 3. Hidden drive, no frontage clearing

That's it. We forgot about this list but kept dreaming of a simpler life. When Frank found the property listing, through land watch, we drove out that day to look at it. 2 months later we were owners. Then I found the list again. It was exactly what we knew for sure we wanted. Creating a vision board or even listing what you know for sure you want is imperative to final materialization. The universe hears you, but be very very specific what you request. It will deliver.

I'm impatient by nature so we decided to pitch a tent and really rough it on our weekends. This monster, the Alaknak tent from Cabelas - 13' x 29' - huge - was our first home on our property for almost a year. Wood burning stove, living space and bedroom area with room to spare. Wet heavy snow in winter made us close shop until spring.

Outdoor shower? Don't mind if I do. 

Frank made us a rain water catchment system, an outdoor washing station and my absolute favorite, our outdoor shower that worked with awesome pressure with a 12volt battery hooked up to a water pump. 

<3 thanks for listening. 


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