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The PITTA Season

Ah... Summer. The bringer of sunshine, heat, humidity, yummy vegetable gardens and beautiful wildflowers. With the summer comes an increase inside our own body temperature as the temperatures rise outside.If you love the heat and don't find it one bit irritating - great - you are balanced in your internal fire. However, for a great many of us, the heat and humidity can make us lethargic, irritable and feeling icky.

If you think of the seasons like you do food and relationships, then you can alter how you feel with just a few little changes to your routine. For example, drinking cold beverages on a hot day may seem like the best idea, but what we find is that this actually creates the opposite effect on our internal environment. Especially when taken with food. Our advice, although it may sound counterintuitive, is to sip warm liquids, tea or infused waters, or just plain water (that has been previously heated). This moderates the temperatures between the inside and outside climates to keep your system moving smooth and clean.

Another tip would be to eat light and fresh foods. Especially those delicious fruits that come with summer. Be sure to take fresh fruits alone, away from other foods in order for eh body to metabolize them more efficiently. Do not mix them with yogurt or dairy products as this will create an acidic environment within the already heated and acidic body. And eat them either 30min before or after a regular meal for best digestion and assimilation.

A few other tricks would be to have rose water or make your own rosemary sage, or peppermint essential oil spritzer and keep on hand and keep it in the fridge. When you feel dull or starting to get irritable, spritz your face and neck. It works amazing at keeping your temperatures and attitudes on the low side.

Infusing your waters with fruit or a few springs of peppermint can also do the trick to keep you energized and ready to move in the heat. The best advice we can give, is that if it all seems to much - heat, stress, life - take a nap in the shade, on a blanket or in the hammock to allow the soft summer breezes to take your cares and worries away.


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