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The Art of Being You Reflections


The Art of Living

Life is such a beautiful, magnificent and precious gift. Our human bodies are amazing shelters that function to serve, protect and love itself. We are truly a work of art and life is the artistic experience. So too, everything in our lives can translate into The Art of Living - who we are, how we function, how we relate. And at the heart of that art is a soul/spirit/guide that is always present, always ready to assist in every way imaginable. It tells us when we are hungry, when we are sad, when we are comfortable and afraid. And it tells us how to help ourselves. How amazing is that? We all have a built in communication and transportation system, just waiting to be given instructions. What instructions are you giving yours?

Ayurveda means the science of long life. It is the Art of Living incarnate. Guidelines that prevent disease, counter-act disease and truly have great meaning to each and every one of us occupying space in a human body. Would you like your life to be like art, if it's not already? These very special and very ancient teachings were originally passed down orally and only the chosen were given the right to practice them. These were people true of mind, body and spirit, worthy of the sacred information passed down. Today, we are those people, who have been chosen to pass it down to you - the ones aching for the beautiful and honest Art of Living.

When you think of "the good life", what does that include? Money and fancy homes or vacation condos? Wine tasting and friends all around? Think about what it means to you.

To me, "the good life" means being healthy - first and foremost - body, mind and spirit. Followed closely by family and friend relationships whom also share good health and happiness. Next comes shelter, transportation, financial security... but those are useless material possessions that unless one has their health, ultimately mean nothing.

The Art of Living requires a dedication to yourself and those you love. It means that everything you say, do, think and are - are deliberate manifestations of your inner guidance system. Living artfully, means having the experience to understand reacting and responding to another, taking responsibility for ones actions, being kind and fair to the world around you, but most importantly - it means to really LOVE everything about your life so much that there just isn't room for anything else. How can we love everything, right? Ya just do it.

Where am I going with all this? Good question. I intend to use this blog as a channel of my creative consciousness to expand yours. To write about all the ways Ayurveda can make your life - a brilliant masterpiece - of light, love, health and happiness. Ayurveda is The Art of Living. Pure and Simple. And we live it every single day, this thing you call your life. It is Ayurveda. You are Ayurveda. The collective is Ayurveda. And I will explain why.

The Art of Living, to me, means living simply, having just enough. It's massage therapy and essential oils, yummy organic food and homemade bread, soft cuddly blankets and yoga in the morning. It means listening to the divine wisdom with my heart and sprinkling peace and light everywhere I go. It means love. Lots and lots of love. And nature - trees, sky, earth, water and fire and air. It means living in harmony with nature and with the other humans that inhabit planet earth. The Art of Living is Ayurveda.

There is so much to tell you that in order to create and artful blog that discusses the Art of Living according to Ayurveda, we must take baby steps. But let me tell you what Ayurveda can help you with. For starters, it will make you feel empowered. It will create an awareness within your body and mind that cannot be taken back once understood. It will make sense of your crazy, chaotic and lovely life - just the way it is. It will make you feel less crazy - that you are crazy. It will help with digestion and constipation. It will help with weight loss and long term management of it. It will create a sense of joy and purpose in your life like you've never experienced. It will come at a cost, however. It will cost you full commitment to yourself and your health. Think about it, and I will be in touch. Until then, try switching from drinking anything cold or with ice, to room temperature or better yet, warm or hot water beverages. I'll tell ya why later.

For now, may you be happy, healthy, holy, prosperous, protected and blessed.


Donnia Anastasia

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