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Spiritual Awakening Signs

waves of heat and body chills
digestion - heartburn, gas, nausea
pain in bones, joints, muscles & organs
migraines, headaches, vertigo, dizziness
appetitie changes
vision changes, blurry or sensitive to light
hearing - ringing in the ears
irritiability, high/low emotions
lack of concentration
disturbed sleep + insomnia
psychic gifts and abilities surfacing
heightened senses

Life got real interesting for me when I realized I wasn't happy.

  • What was I doing?

  • Was this the life I truly wanted?

  • Why did I continually
     sabotage myself?

It wasn't until I asked for help that my life cracked me

wide open.

Yes - thats me.png

I discovered what was
at the core
of my unhappiness.

culprit:  the stories I kept telling myself  }

"Donnia has been an invaluable support to my work as both a mom and an entrepreneur. Too often I can get attached to “struggle” and this hustle culture without asking myself what I really want and how I will get there. Donnia asks big, beautiful, and deeply meaningful questions that helped me reframe my thinking about my total well-being and then has supported my journey in ways I could not have even imagined.."


- Shelley Jack

Marketing Strategist & Educator

SHEbe Marketing


It changed my whole way of being.

  • Old patterns, conditioning and beliefs that no longer served my highest self

  • I was born worthy.

  • The perception of being spiritually disconnected


And when I connected the dots of my life - the lights all came on full blast!

I had been guided to my Authenticity!
And now, I get to show you how

absolutely amazing

you are right now!

I empower women to be their Authentic Selves, women who experience

  • Heightened intuition

  • Witnessing syncronicities

  • Are empathic 

  • Highly sensitive

  • Want to make the world a better place

Is this you?


The program has exceeded my expectations 1,000,000%.

The personal growth gained has been huge. My ability to guide others has improved. I am thrilled to be feeling better, sleeping better, being more grateful and handling situations with grace, purpose, and calmer emotions. These changes have made life and relationships a whole lot more fun and purposeful. Isn’t it great to finally learn how we best fit in this world?


    - Kristin Asinger

    Executive Director, Leadership McKean

    Certified Facilitator, Working Genius

I work with women around the world who:

Want Clarity of life purpose

Confidence of personal self

Deeper Spiritual Connection

Craves passion, joy & happiness

Desires to love their bodies 

Is this you?

I know what I 'should do' -
I just don't do it.
Sound familiar?

Together, we connect the dots

  • Clarity of Life Purpose

  • Confidence to make necessary shifts

  • Connection to Your Inner Wisdom

Your time is now.


If this sounds like you, 

Let's talk.

Schedule a breakthrough call with me
and step into a whole new level of

unconditional love,
nticity, health,
abundance, ease & joy!


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