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YOUR TRUE NATURE: An Introduction to your Inner Landscape


As stated in the above video, our true nature is love, joy, peace and ease. Period. It means that we were born with all that we needed, but because of our domestication, we have forgotten who we really are and what we are doing here - our purpose. Our birthrights are unconditional love, abundance, peace, worthiness. Our connection to Source Energy (god, universe, etc) is not lost or missing, It's the perception that we are not always connected is what needs to change. Once this truth is felt deep inside your being, there is nothing you cannot achieve, have, do or experience.

Module 1 works on getting to the core of our true nature through mindful daily practices that are centered around YOU and your needs. This is the time for questioning all you have ever thought, believed, felt or even observed in your current reality of how life is or how you were told it "should" be.

Feeling good in every aspect of your life is the basis of your true nature. Our choices can either support this or they are resistant to it. What will you choose?


When we sleep we allow our subconscious mind to rest and reboot. And the thoughts we think in those first few nano seconds can be powerful frequencies to start the day - they will be the first conscious thought of the day - MAKE THEM COUNT.


Which is why the second you become aware that you are waking up - hold that peaceful moment in your mind - and call to mind how you want to feel today. This will be the most effective moment of your day. It holds all the power to set in motion you feeling good.


The very first thing you do before or just as you open your eyes.

You can think things like, "I wonder what will happen for me today?' or "I am grateful, brave and worthy!" or ""Just for today I will love where I am in my journey!" . Whatever feels good to you - and you can change it every morning or find a mantra that resonates with you and your situation.

This is our opportunity for a new start - all that has come before is gone and today is full of possibilities. Imagine for a moment an old school radio, with knobs to tune into the station (or frequency) you most love. This very act of tuning into the frequency in which we want to live from is key to making all these transformations possible. We must tune our attention, thoughts, and vibration into the higher feeling emotional frequencies if we are to step away from what no longer serves us.

Where are you tuned into this morning?


Go back to the edge of your bed and sit quietly for a few moments and listen to your morning meditation. Allow these few moments to reinforce an elevated mood and intention for your day ahead. And if you cannot muster an ounce of higher vibrational feelings, accept this is where you will be today, and be grateful for the opportunity to grow and change. No change is comfortable - and there will be days you want to say "Fuck it!"

Do so and laugh it off.

I am a miracle.

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