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FLOW STATE OF BEING is the most peaceful and unconditional state of being. Not exactly Enlightenment, but pretty darn close.


To see everything as a gift.

To embrace the contrast and appreciate it.

To be able to tune your receiver to the desired station and hold steady to it.

To be in your alignment with Source energy in all ways with all beings.

To practice unconditional kindness, compassion, love and peace with the world community.

Going with the flow of life - not standing in the way, not resisting what comes.

Being aware of what you prefer and do not prefer and making choices out of authenticity instead of need or others needs.

To drop the oars of the boat and allow and trust that life always supports me for my highest and best good. Every moment, Every time.

To be free from labeling things, people, places, events as good, bad, right, wrong - and to fully grasp and embrace that life is neutral - what happens is neutral - that it's not personal and that it's only the meaning you give it that cause alignment or misalignment.



UNCONDITIONAL - Staying in our alignment with Source, our Higher Being, our True Nature - regardless of the external life situation we find ourselves in. It's about not needing someone to be different, act different, speak different, look different than they do in order for us to be happy and appreciative. In fact we must practice embracing all the differences we have brought to this world BECAUSE that was the whole point. The Contrast.


Can you observe when and where you choose to feel good or negative based on what you are observing in your current reality (things you see, touch, taste, smell and hear)?

Can you observe how much in your reality makes you feel good? This one is especially challenging to overcome, because we like to feel good - but it must come from within. It's so easy to feel good when things go our way. What about when it doesn't go the way we expect? Can you still remain feeling good - knowing that this contrast is here to teach me something - to teach me more about what I prefer in my life.


If we were all the same, we would not grow, we could not desire, we could not find inspiration to create. We are natural born creators. It is our differences that make this existence worthwhile. Our differences are what allow us all to co-create with Source and with one another. This, like all others is a practice. And as all practices, it will get easier over time if you remain consistent and willing to keep feeling good. After some time you will be living the dream you have always wanted to without ever noticing you have become and remembered who you came here to be. Unconditional. Unconditional Love. Unconditional Joy. Unconditional Peace. Unconditional Ease.

Laws of the Universe

Check these out and see how the universe really works. They are present everyday and we pay no attention to them - and if we could pay more attention to them - we could become aligned quicker and it could last longer. They govern everything that happens on this planet - including you.



Good Morning Sweet Soul!


WOW! 10 weeks and a whole new you is emerging!



Everything always works out for me.

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