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That's a really great question. Who Am i?


EGO/PERSONAL IDENTITY vs Higher being of consciousness

As stated in the video above, Source has gifted you this experience we call life. In this experience, from the moment we are born we begin to slowly develop an earthly identity. This identity includes your name, your race, your ethnicity, and labels - lots of labels - mother, father, sister, daughter, business woman, janitor, salesman, and so on - basically all the ways we, as humans, keep ourselves separated and divided. This is what's called Duality. We live one life as we are "supposed to be" yet crave and desire to be our true authentic selves.


The Ego, this wonderful part of ourselves, which is a gift from Source - and its purpose is to keep the inner being, the part of us we call soul - safe from the ways we separate ourselves from Source. And this separation brings us discomfort, sadness, anxiety, fear, anger, blame and shame and all the lower vibration emotions because we are not ALLOWED to be who we are. And, our soul came into human form because of this life experience - to have all the emotions, experiences and contrast - as this is how our soul expands more and more into the greater consciousness.

Who you be is unconditional love, unconditional peace, unconditional joy. Always and forever. Your higher being, your soul knows this and when you get close to being or accepting more of this divine essence - the better you will feel. The path you are on is the path. It is the reason we are here. When we get so tight and confined in our bodies - and being expansive beings - it makes us mad and uncomfortable. Like a crab or lobster who, when it grows, it's current shell no longer fits. Your life no longer fits who you be.

We are here to build your new, personalized, safe and expansive space from which to grow and expand into our fullest possible becoming. It's such an amazing journey. THIS is the only journey that matters.

WHO ARE YOU, REALLY? Without the labels and shoulds and can'ts  


Source gave us choice.

And you, get to choose. Every. Single. Moment.

What are you choosing?


Walking Club


Good Morning Sweet Soul!


Ok, lets recap a moment:

Morning Ritual includes:

- Waking to bring your awareness to feeling good for the day ahead. The very first thing you do before or just as you open your eyes.

- Getting out your tongue scraper and actually using it

- Drinking a huge glass of water to flush your system

- Taking a moment to write down (or at least call to mind) what you can appreciate in this moment

- Meditation

- Movement

- Sacred Eating Practices

- Abyhanga - self massage

- Hygiene

The next part of our daily routine is eating! YAY, after all that, you deserve to eat - Whew! Check into the Nutrition part of the Main Portal and do the Dosha Quiz to get clear on which elements you are predominantly made of - VATA - AIR and Space, PITTA - Fire and Water or KAPHA - Earth and Water. Bring this to the call next time in our Sacred Circles so we can together go through the information and determine which foods will benefit you most in your current time of life, seasonal and location in which you live.



Celebrate yourself for doing the work to transform your life into one that is full of joy, peace and ease. I think you're full of so many possibilities!

I am unconditionally loved.

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