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Awareness and Unpacking of all the ways our Ego/Subconscious came to our rescue to keep us safe - and how to go about claiming your own truth in all you do every moment of every day.

MODULE 7: CONDITIONING,                                    BELIEFS, PATTERNS


Our Authenticity comes into play here when we talk about, become aware of and unpack our conditioning, beliefs and patterns that are no longer serving us. Our sense of belonging (to a family, community, club, race, culture, etc) will take a direct hit when we become our true authentic selves.

There will come a time when stepping into your authentic true self will be in direct opposition to the belonging you think you desire. You're true belonging is that to Source, Universe, god. not other humans.

So what is all this talk about Conditioning, Patterns + Beliefs anyway?


Ways Society, culture, family shapes us into being and doing and having experiences that are built to make everyone comfortable. It is a system of criticism, judgment and lack of authenticity.


Are ways of experiencing the world that we learned at a very small age from our caregivers. Our desire to belong and be unconditionally loved are at the basis of why we abandon our true nature - to belong.


Beliefs are just thoughts we have continued to think - long enough to make them a dominant vibration within us. They may r may not be true, factual or even align with who you are. Most often they are created through our perceptions and experiences in the world, again, for the need to belong.

How do we know that these above mentioned experiences are not our true nature?

When they allow you to feel anything less than unconditional love and well being, peace, joy and ease for yourselves. Because anything less than this is a false ego creation to keep us safe and in survival mode.

You were created to THRIVE.

What does thriving look and feel like to you?

Morning Coffee


Good Morning Sweet Soul!

Ok, lets recap a moment:

Morning Ritual includes:

- Waking to bring your awareness to feeling good for the day ahead. The very first thing you do before or just as you open your eyes.

- Getting out your tongue scraper and actually using it

- Drinking a huge glass of water to flush your system

- Taking a moment to write down (or at least call to mind) what you can appreciate in this moment

- Meditation

- Movement

- Sacred Eating Practices

- Abyhanga - self massage


Our next level of Daily Routine includes something you typically do anyway - but now it's going to be more mindful. And that is of Hygiene and dressing. When we bathe, shower or take a bath we are  providing our bodies the necessary energy shedding from the previous 24hrs.

When you allow the water to run over your body - pay mindful attention to how the body changes from a chill and goosebumps to warm and soft. Doing a Shower (or bath) meditation is powerful.

Create one of your own, or choose to repeat this mantra:

I appreciate that I have warm water to clean my body. I love my body. I love how it moves. I love how my body supports me in all I want to do. I love how clean I feel afterwards. I love the smell of the soap and shampoo I use. I love taking a shower (or bath). I love taking care of myself. I love this body, this life, right now.

Celebrate yourself for jumping in feet first and doing the work to transform your life into one that is full of joy, peace and ease. I think you're powerful.

I live my truth with ease and joy.

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