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Setting Boundaries are set to allow your true nature of being to flourish without the expectations, opinions, thoughts and actions of the world around us.




Setting boundaries is hard. There I said it. And it's okay. If we had healthy boundaries we wouldn't be here in this moment together. Boundaries are set for the person making them - not the others. Boundaries are to develop the safe inner landscape that has always been there but was diminished due to the domestication of the planet. They are simple or complex guideposts that hold you in a safe space always. They could focus on your personal truths and core values in general or you can get more specific about the who, what, and when. There is no room for why in these boundary setting. WHY? Because I want to feel good and be my true authentic self and I am not hiding any aspect of me anymore. That's why. And no one needs to know but you.


One thing I have noticed about humans is our uncanny ability to focus on, talk about and over explain why life is hard, why we suffer and what's wrong with everything. We are governed by the Laws of the Universe, whether you agree or not - it's just what is. Law of Gravity, Law of Cause + Effect, Law of Attraction... and so on. If there is one thing - just one thing you take away from this course is that Like Increases Like. What no longer serves you are the thoughts and language you use to describe your life situation. What you want and what you do not want. What you do not prefer to have in your experience leads you to know what it is that you do prefer.


A Boundary I would highly recommend practicing for yourself - and your interactions with others - is to STOP talking about your illness, your diagnosis, your crappy job, your lack luster relationships, your not flat belly, your too big hips, your whatever in those terms. You are energetically drawing more of the same to you. And you will continue to get more of the same. (more in Journal prompts).

Ex: I will no longer tolerate or engage with others when they complain about ____________________________________________________.

Shifting your language and thoughts to the preference, to the opposite of what you are experiencing, to the solution does not negate what may be true and factual (an illness, or bad relationship, etc). Instead it focuses your attention, your energy, your attraction to more of what you do want.

Ex: I am so sick and tired of feeling ______________________________.

Shift: I am taking steps to be healthier. I am healthy and I love that my body functions today. And THEN: Take inspired action toward that aim.

Start making a list of boundaries as they appear to you. To identify your boundaries, pay close attention to the situations in your life that zap you of your energy, get your gut in that knot, make you want to cry or physically run away. You will be able to see actions, words and situations that you are choosing to not allow in your reality any longer. This is how you skillfully notice and create boundaries.

We can discuss this in our call.

Herb Infused Oils


Good Morning Sweet Soul!


Ok, lets recap a moment:

Morning Ritual includes:

- Waking to bring your awareness to feeling good for the day ahead. The very first thing you do before or just as you open your eyes.

- Getting out your tongue scraper and actually using it

- Drinking a huge glass of water to flush your system

- Taking a moment to write down (or at least call to mind) what you are grateful for

- Meditation

- Movement

- Sacred Eating Practices


Our next morning ritual to consider is a daily abyhanga, or Daily Self Massage. This is the art of anointing the body with warm oil from head to toe. This act of devotion and love is high on the list of ways your body will come back into balance with you. This ritual actually feels like an ancient divinity ritual - and it should. It is especially therapeutic in the Autumn and Winter months.

We can develop a body oil that suits you, that uplifts you and that makes this ritual an absolute delight to provide for yourself. Let's create a beautiful, sensuous blend for your at home self love.

My health is thriving.

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