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We can either be in, out or close to alignment. The difference is how you feel and how authentic you are acting, speaking, thinking and being in the moment. Feelings are your gage to how close or how far away you are from your true north.



Our true alignment in this existence is unconditional love. Period. Source is pure positive energy, always, always, always. It is only, always, pure positive energy.

We are conditioned from a very young age to fear god because it is judging us always and if we are bad we go to hell and if we are good we go to heaven. That would mean that god's love for us is conditional. How on earth can the love of our creator be conditional? We have been fed a boatload of untruths about the source of all that is - and most humans believe what they have been told. It's time to rise.

We can gauge our alignment to Source - by how we feel. When we feel peaceful we are in alignment. When we feel satisfied we are in alignment. When we feel anger we are out of alignment. When we feel depressed we are out of alignment. When we feel disappointment we are out of alignment. These emotions are going to be the biggest game changer for your journey forward. Being in alignment with Source is your true nature. It's Unconditional Love.

These are the gifts that the Universe, god, Source, has given us:



When we focus on what is not good in our lives, we bring more of that to us. Likewise, when we focus on what is good in our lives, more of that shows up. Like increases like. Law of the Universe. Alignment starts when we recognize this truth and hold the thought that, I am unconditionally loved always - in all ways - and I cannot get this life wrong. NO MATTER WHAT.

Everything is either bringing you closer to alignment or taking you further from it.

And when we are in Alignment - we are in our True Authentic Self. Being authentic means making choices based on YOUR values and YOUR needs and YOUR desires. More importantly, it's living them - not just journaling about them but actually living them. AND good news - you need no ones approval to do so. It will feel like it, but you do not ever needs anyone's stamp of approval for anything. Living with integrity, living in alignment to our true nature is imperative if we are to live peaceful, happy and joyful lives.

Problem arise when we make our needs secondary or consider them "Selfish". This is a conditioned belief that will keep creeping up until we face it head on.


What comes up for you when you consider JUST your needs today?

Orange Blossom


Good Morning Sweet Soul!


Ok, lets recap a moment:

Morning Ritual includes:

- Waking to bring your awareness to feeling good for the day ahead. The very first thing you do before or just as you open your eyes.

- Getting out your tongue scraper and actually using it

- Drinking a huge glass of water to flush your system

- Taking a moment to write down (or at least call to mind) what you are grateful for

- Meditation

- Movement

Today we will continue with your next addition to your daily routine with Sacred Eating Practices.


This is a very important aspect of self care and our daily routine. When we eat, we are nourishing our bodies for the day ahead - on all levels. Not only the foods we choose, but the space in which we eat them and the practices around eating have the power to change your relationship to it.

Start by recognizing where you eat most of your meals and when.

Are you eating in the car, at your desk, kitchen counter?

What is the environment like? Is it noisy and cluttered and are you eating while working?

Do you eat at regular times or is your habit scattered and you eat "when you can"?

Make it a top priority to:

- eat in a quiet, peaceful environment

- say a quiet (or out loud) prayer of thanks every time you put anything into your mouth - bless the food you are about to digest. Much like thoughts and emotions - if we do not digest them properly they will cause us more harm than good.

- practice eating at the same time daily - much like our circadian rhythms for sleeping/waking - our cycle for eating is no different

Do the best you can with where you are.


I am always connected to Source.

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