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As stated in the above video, Module 2 is about our Core Values. This practice is truly important at this season of your life because you are not the same person you were yesterday, especially 25 years ago. Our vales change. Especially when we become awake and aware and conscious.


And so we must align our current needs, desires and wants based upon our true nature core values. This practice may take some time to complete and even then it may not be done until you have come to the point of your highest vibration and that make you feel good in life.

Even the term CORE values is what our inner landscape knows to be true for us. Your CORE - your abdominal area - your Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras (energy centers) are where our self love, worthiness, confidence, creativity and the pleasure and flow of life reside. How cool is that! It just makes sense, no? And so, when we feel into our core, we know almost immediately if something is for us. This is a technique that can keep you in alignment when you practice this daily - and some days it is literally moment to moment. Look to the value of the thoughts that come to you and use your Core Values Filter. 

List all the Core Values you have in your journal or artist sketch book. Have fun with it and allow it to flow - don't think about it too hard - just allow whatever comes to come.

Make a list or diagram of these and you can add sections for deeper exploration, for example:


Primary Core Value: Freedom

Secondary Deeper: Creative, Time, Money, Body

Thirdly, Go Deeper: freedom to do more of what I love, freedom from other peoples opinions, financial freedom, time freedom...



From those Primary Core Values, I listed my secondary core values within that main topic. I broke it down to smaller segments as to what that actually meant for me.


Your Core Values today will be and should be different than the ones you may have developed 10 or 20 years ago. Spend some time with this so you can come back to it time and time again and remember what your daily focus could reflect. If it doesn't involve your Core Values - then it can be released and let go of - people, places, events, things you used to do - all of it. This is the time to clean house - in all the areas of our lives that matter most.

Let's talk about this in our next call.

Dog's Portrait

Good Morning Sweet Soul!


So we have started a new morning routine - congratulations!

Keep in mind these build onto one another,


1. The very first thing you do when you open your eyes:

Use your Feeling Good Mantra from the week before.


2. Scrape the Yuck!

If you do not already have one, please find yourself a tongue scraper. Prior to brushing your teeth, use the tongue scraper about 10 times down the tongue. This removes particles of undigested food that found their way back onto your tongue while you slept. Gross right? It's toxins, or AMA, that should be removed before you eat anything to avoid the toxins going back down into the stomach. Then brush your choppers and wash your face. This step is so important for good gut health I cannot impress on you enough to keep at this every single morning.



+ Drink at least 8oz of filtered and clean room temp water

We tend to go right for the coffee or tea to wake us up but the truth is, we have just been fasting our digestive tract and it's ready to eliminate toxins from the body - give it the added boost it needs to get things loving. Literally. Also, if you do not have one, please do your body a great service by getting some kind of filter for your water.



Every week a new item will be added to your routine.


Celebrate yourself for jumping in feet first and doing the work to transform your life into one that is full of joy, peace and ease. I think you're powerful.




I love you so much,

it's crazy.

I am always on my path.

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