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Donnia Anastasia

Spiritual & Holistic Life Consultant


The 5-day Workshop based on my
Inner Landscape Progra


Let's get real about this - If you feel:

  • Stuck in Survival Mode

  • Confusion of life path/purpose

  • Wanting to feel more whole

  • Physical pain/suffering

  • Anxiety, overwhelm, depression

  • Emotional pain, suppression, manifesting physical

  • Energetic Depletion, Exhaustion

  • Struggle with People Pleasing

  • Perception of Spiritual disconnection

  • Don't know who you are, what you like

  • Going through major life transition

  • Desire to move forward but is stuck, feels very stagnant

  • Need a spiritual mentor/support to get you where you want to be


You are in the right place.


Inner Landscape Program with Donnia Anastasia


The Inner Landscape program has exceeded my expectations 1,000,000%.

The personal growth gained has been huge. My ability to guide others has improved. I am thrilled to be feeling better, sleeping better, being more grateful and handling situations with grace, purpose, and calmer emotions. These changes have made life and relationships a whole lot more fun and purposeful. Isn’t it great to finally learn how we best fit in this world?


    - Kristin Asinger

    Executive Director, Leadership McKean

    Certified Facilitator, Working Genius


In 5 days you will 

Clarity of Life Purpose

Live Your Authenticity

Ability to Trust your Inner Guidance

Confidently Step into Your Truth

Live Everyday from Joy, Peace and Ease

Set Healthy Boundaries

Maintain Daily Self-Care

Shift Perceptions of Reality

Awareness of Conditioning Behaviors

Elevated Self-Compassion

Awareness of Abundant + Limitless possibilities

Courage to Embrace New Adventures

Mind/Body/Spirit Well-Being Connection

This Program is perfect for you, if:

Clarity of life purpose,
Confidence in yourself and
Connection to Your Authentic Self
are your dreams.


Hi! I'm Donnia. 
I am your Holistic Life Consultant + Coach!  With 20+ years of experience and training, I empower, uplift, and teach how living a more playful, joyful, holistic life reduces stress and illness AND increases the joy you already have in front of you.

Awareness that a change is
necessary is where it starts.

This Program is perfect for you, if:
 crave more joy, more peace and more ease
every single day
living authentically is top priority for you, AND
you desire a deeper spiritual connection

"Donnia has been an invaluable support to my work as both a mom and an entrepreneur. Too often I can get attached to “struggle” and this hustle culture without asking myself what I really want and how I will get there. Donnia asks big, beautiful, and deeply meaningful questions that helped me reframe my thinking about my total well-being and then has supported my journey in ways I could not have even imagined.."
- Shelley Jack

Marketing Strategist & Educator

SHEbe Marketing



I help you learn to trust your own inner guidance system. To holistically support and hold sacred space your personal growth by cultivating your limitless potential, to courageously breakthrough + confidently blossom back into your true nature and transform for optimal well-being in all cycles of expansion.

DISCLAIMER: As with all health related issues, by law, I cannot claim any of the information presented as sole medical treatment for any condition. The innate intelligence of your body knows the answer and as such must be discussed with your preferred medical professional assisting you on your path of health and healing. I ask you to do your due diligence and be responsible for your own health. My purpose is to share holistic healing and transformation for educational purposes only. As the Buddha said, no matter who said it, even if I have said it, disregard if it does not resonate with your own soul. 

CANCELLATION/NO SHOW POLICY: If you need to reschedule an appointment please provide 48hrs notice to avoid being charged the full amount of your appointment. There are no exceptions to this policy. I appreciate your understanding of how a small business functions.

©2023 DONNIA ANASTASIA, AHC, ABS, LMP, EOLD, BFA Licensed Massage Therapist #PAMSG000505

No part in full partial shall be reproduced without written permission from the author.


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