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A 1-day Bootcamp for women to Transform their Anger into Joy
Friday June 28, 2024, 11am-4pm EST

Your host, with Chutzpah!

Hi, I'm Donnia

(duh-knee-ah) I am not your typical "coach". While I provide TLC, Spiritual and Holistic Principles for Guidance - I will also not sugar coat the importance of this role. There is a new world upon us and I am here to ready the ones who are awake and willing to step forward.

Bringing 20+ years in the alternative healing arts and a lifetime of leadership roles and coaching experience, my wish is to be your coach. My vision is to bring you into your purpose with CHUTZPAH! for mind, body and spiritual balance - for greater joy and abundance!


I am so excited to be your Coach and take you on this journey for the Anger BootCamp!

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Welcome to the

BADASS Boot Camp

- a one day retreat to finally let it all out - in a safe, sacred community space that will change your life. It will take you from all the ways you have discounted yourself (and have given permission to others to do so) to a deep space of release, peace and incredible JOY! We use our gifts of compassion, listening, and love to transform this energy of anger into harmony and joy.


Transform Anger into Joy - this is my mission.


There will be limited spots available - If you are ready to let that bullshit go, register and get your ticket now!


You are not gonna wanna miss this!


$99 for the whole day!

In-person events

June 28, 11am - 4pm

July 27, 11am-4pm

August 24, 11am - 4pm

Bradford PA

You are the Iceberg, not an Island.

And if the icebergs are melting, could it be that we are melting as well? I like the idea of the icebergs melting as messages to us, from Mother Gaia. Message being to melt away the inner layers of gunk, of bs, that keep us in states of survival, victimhood and anger.

If we are to live free, we must get beneath the iceberg - plunge into the dark deep waters of our emotional underworld. Here is what lies there:

  • Stress & Insecurity

  • Rage & Irritation

  • Hurt & Pain

  • Disappointment & Anxiety

  • Betrayal, Guilt & Shame

  • Embarrassment & Hunger (iykyk!)

We are taught that anger is a scary emotion, that we must deal with it alone for fear of disrupting another. Women are taught that nice girls, don’t get angry. What if this is Mother Gaia’s message to us - to melt? Just melt. To soften. You will be safe. Please, just melt it away. 

We must feel our anger - and feel safe doing so in order to release the deeper emotions that are holding us in our victimhood. We aren’t living there anymore. I share with you now - an experience like no other - The STORM - The Anger Bootcamp for women to transform their anger into unconditional joy!


What will you receive from this Boot Camp?

  • Empowerment to ask for what you deserve

  • Build Self Trust

  • Deep insights as to what lives underneath

  • Release from pain, disappointment, insecurity, sadness +

  • Transformation into your Authentic Joy

  • Soul Alignment

  • Yummy delicious and healthy lunch



We hide from these emotions and if we desire true joy - we must dive deep!

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The Art of Being You

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Why we are angry

oh, let's see...

  • lack of body choice/body sovereignty

  • more responsibility, less time

  • patriarchal conditioning

  • ancestor wounds

  • not allowed to get angry

  • too sensitive

  • we have denied our truth

  • we have unconsciously given away our power


“A good coach can change a game.
A great coach can change a life.”


– John Wooden

What it's about

  • Awareness of your Anger Iceberg emotions

  • Expressing your deep emotions

  • Reflections time and Journaling

  • Compassionate Safe Sacred Space

  • Boldly stepping out of your bullsh*t

  • Incredibly delicious food

  • Bold, Brave Community

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What Clients Say

"I really appreciate your vulnerability and your energy to encourage us in this positive change. "

Workshop Testimonials

Spending time in the workshop was amazing. I learned so much about how to choose to be my authentic self. Also the power that I have to decide to be happy and stop listening to my conditioned self.  Becoming aware of my spiritual gifts and relying in God will provide my journey to discover peace and purpose. I really appreciate your vulnerability and your energy to encourage us in this positive change. Thank you so much. 

-ANDREA, Pennsylvania

I'm so glad I decided to join the workshop! It was my first time joining anything like it. You were so raw and direct, really makes you think about life and why things happen the way they do. You really dig deep into your mind to think where you were, and where you want to be. Thanks so much for this experience!!


-DEBBIE, New York

“...a vast toolbox of techniques based on my needs.

Donnia is compassionate, comforting, careful

and educated”


- Donna, Chatauqua Lake, NY

Why it matters

  • Life is too effin' short for ANYTHING LESS than JOY

  • You deserve a rich, delicious life

  • You deserve a life with less bullshit

  • You are important

  • Your authenticity is needed on this planet

What you'll get

  • Embodied Release

  • Tools for Your Healing Journey

  • Your Joy back 

  • Transformation

  • Compassionate Support

  • Cool Swag

Register now-
Space is Limited!


STEP 1: Click Link to Event Disclaimer and Sign Document.


STEP 2: Fill in Registration form below.

STEP 3: You will be redirected to the investment page. Once we have confirmed your Disclaimer Doc and investment payment - You're Golden.

REGISTER here - It's JOY time!

This event is an in-person day long retreat - and you are asked to clear your calendar and make yourself a priority to attend.

To stay connected and get engaged with my Weekly Sunday trainings, Join my Exclusive Facebook Group:

The Art of Being You

See you on the inside!

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